In the midst of the fiery debate over whether or not video games were detrimental to society, a site with a much different viewpoint was started near the beginning of the decade. KVR Gaming is a site dedicated to providing Christians with guidance in choosing video games wisely, and to inspire conversation about the world of gaming for all people, regardless of race, age, or gender.

Read by gamers all across the board, from Germany, to Australia, to America, to our native country, South Africa, KVR Gaming has reached thousands upon thousands of readers in its five-year existence, with multiple authors having contributed over its lifetime. 

Whenever you need information about the content of a video game, whether it be a mere platformer or a A-level blockbuster, feel free to drop by and have a look. Our team is always willing to help you out, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Mission: To provide all with information regarding the content of a video game in detail, whether it be the level of violence, sex, nudity or strong language used, or the spiritual content featured in a video game, we try to give you as much information as possible to make an informed decision as a Christian regarding a purchase of a video game.

The content guides are phrased in a clear, easy to understand way for all. As the content in certain video games are rather graphic, and they need to be described in a detailed manner, parental discretion is advised with certain reviews. (Note: When strong language is described, all swear words are censored, but referred to directly.)

All people of differing beliefs are also encouraged to drop by and have a look. Please note that we believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father, so we do not include other religions such as Islam or Judaism in our belief system. However, such people will not be subjected to harassment or condemnation upon entering our site.

Our Beliefs: We are Non-Demonitional Protestant Christians. 

We believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus.

We believe in His sinless life on Earth, leading to His sacrifice in our place, bearing all the sins of the world across all of time, upon the cross.

We believe in his literal resurrection after three days, and later ascension into heaven at the right hand of God.

We believe that we are saved by Grace, and not by works. Salvation takes place through confessing the miraculous life of Jesus verbally, followed by one's acceptance of Him into one's life as redemption from sin, and receiving of Eternal Life.

We believe that works follow the salvation of a person, as evidence of what saved them. We believe that works are inherently meaningless, as only Faith pleases God. Daily repentance from sin, however, is required for those wanting to stay in His Grace. (Once saved, always saved is not a viewpoint Kyle, the editor of the site, wants to condone, as it is possible to fall away from the straight and narrow path and lose eternal life. Always be vigilant and awake in your walk with Christ, so that you may not be lead astray.)

We believe that God is equally loving and equally righteous. His love and righteousness coexist. One cannot be without the other. We also believe that Christians should follow the law of their country at all times. (That includes being faithful and keeping your word in business situations.)

We believe that the faith of a Christian is purely between them and Jesus. However, Christians should seek fellowship with other believers, whether it be in a well-grounded church environment, or purely friendship, one should never be alone in your walk. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are supposed to support you in your walk with Jesus, and you them.

For our other views on hot topics like homosexuality and abortion, feel free to contact us directly at Such topics are important, but not the intended purpose of the site. When they need to be addressed, however, in the content guide of a game, our views will be expressed in detail without hesitation.

History: Started as a side project in 2011 by Kyle van Rensburg following a traumatic loss, KVR Gaming went through multiple iterations:

-(2011-2013) A watchdog type site with irregular posts in 2011, with scheduled posts starting in 2012. The site went through a major change in beliefs in 2013, following a review of BioShock Infinite.

-(2013) A Christian site with more balanced beliefs regarding content in video games. The Banned rating was done away with, replaced with a more neutral Not Recommended rating.

-(2014) A secular site, focusing on content in games and providing in-depth but concise game reviews.

-(2015) Irregular posts, following a rough year. Eventually put on hold at the beginning of 2016.

-(Present) A return to the 2013 iteration of the site: A balanced Christian viewpoint of games, with content guides and reviews meant to be useful to believers and non-believers alike.

Contact Us: The author can be reached at 

Please note, he may not always have time to reply in-depth, but he does strive to reply to all emails received.

Thank you very much for dropping by. Any time you have a complaint or comment, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

God bless, and happy gaming.  

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