June 07, 2017

The Journal REDUX: Entry 1

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed my Civilization V review on Sunday. A little bit on the short side, but I wanted to hammer it out for you so that it could be of use to someone, somewhere down the line.

Due to burnout, I've made the preemptive decision not to follow through with the schedule I set for myself. It's not realistic due to possible work expectations from the technology career I'm currently pursuing. Instead, I'm going to be taking this site back to what it was: A blog. While the reviews are useful from an objective standpoint, ultimately the entire site is about my viewpoints on select games.

As my opinions are formed by taking a whole subject, breaking it into chunks, and reassembling it to form a specific verdict, the formula of the Content Guide took shape. I lost this outlook in recent years, due to the demand of having to make a living taking over, and as such, I tried to reshape the blog to appeal to search engines and generate revenue through ads.

At the time, Google refused to monetise my site due to supposed content issues. However, as you can probably tell, they've lifted this refusal and I now have ads on the site. With that said, I want to emphatically say the money was never the focus of the blog, nor was popularity. The focus of the site was always to have a place to express my personal views on a subject, and at the time of the site's inception, video games were the absolute centre of my world.

Having become an adult in recent years, my focus has shifted. While I previously played video games to emulate the experience of having an adventure beyond the familiar, becoming a member of the working class has fulfilled that need in unexpected ways. Sure, work has it's definite downsides, not the least of which was waking up 05:30 each morning in the freezing cold to prepare for the day ahead, but the experience of being in a team of people working for a cause was exhilarating.

Does this mean games are not my thing anymore? Absolutely not. I still very much love pop culture, albeit for different reasons. Instead of using them to have adventures I thought wouldn't be possible for me, I now play them to stimulate my need to solve problems. I want to play games in order to analyse things, whether real or fictional, be they frustrating problems one has to overcome in order to advance, or the dilemmas facing the characters as they traverse the narrative laid before them.

It is also for this reason, starting end of July, that my site will have another URL change, and a wider focus. Instead of just video games, we will look at whatever else piques my interest. Be it moral discussions about the content of pop culture, views on the internet and security (a field I've recently delved into), the censorship of free speech, or my deep views on Christianity, there's plenty one can talk about once the site goes through another cycle of it's "guided evolution".

One of these things, is a daily Journal post. It's a necessity for someone like me, who has an overactive mind always pondering things. Whereas I previously used Facebook for some of my thoughts, I'll instead use this site. What will I talk about? I don't know. Video games perhaps. Or maybe the events of the day, a discovery I made about life, the universe, and everything. Heck, even turkeys are now a viable topic. I mean, what's with them?

Part of the fun of running this site is that it's equally as unpredictable for me as it is for you. While this would be a recipe for disaster if I was actually trying to run a major tabloid site like IGN, a blog is much more open for experimentation. Hopefully this experimentation will evolve into something concrete for a big site, but even if it doesn't, it's not the biggest deal. At least it will be fun, and that's something it hasn't been in quite some time.

So enough blabbering, let's get to it!

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