June 12, 2017

The Journal (Entry 2) - THE NEW COLOSSUS!

"Count to four, inhale...count to four, exhale..."
"I've been struggling with quite a bit of burnout in recent months, mostly due to my desire to post every week, yet there's not really good material to actually post. Most of the games these days don't really interest me and don't really seem all that exciting. Maybe it's just me."
I wrote this two days ago. As I didn't know what to say further, I left this post in draft mode, and then went on with my life. Next thing you know, E3 rolls around and...the sequel to one of my favourite games is announced! Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a thing! Woot! :D

Blog readers will know that I gave high marks to The New Order back in 2014, praising it's story and meaningful characters. The trailer for The New Colossus seems to indicate that the characters will be even deeper (and more comical) this time around, with a lot of funny little setpieces.

I won't link to the trailer here, as it contains a bit of strong language, but check it out. If you were a fan of the original back in 2014, there's no reason why this one will disappoint you. I know, it has happened, but I'm pretty sure it will satisfy us just as much as the original did.

And with that, I have something good to review later this year. Go team!

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