June 04, 2017

Civilization V Christian Review

Not Pictured: Gandhi firing his nukes at you. Because "world peace"! :)

Violence: Soldiers are depicted akin to chess pieces; by moving into the space occupied by an enemy to capture (kill) them: Combat is shown, with swords and spears slashing and jabbing at enemies, who fall over and die bloodlessly. Arrows kill enemies at a distance, and much later in the game, rifles. Said rifles are depicted firing weapons with bangs and muzzle fire, with enemies merely collapsing upon being shot.

Sex/Nudity: One of the leaders in the game, Catherine the Great, has a dress showing cleavage.

Language: According to the ESRB, a few instances of mild language. During my time with this game, I did not encounter such content.

Spiritual Content: When researching new technologies, excerpts and from religious texts and quotes of religious leaders are read, often referring to God, philosophy, or morality. Quotes from the Bible are common, with references to the Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, and more. These quotes are objective and don’t place one religion ahead of another, only serving to add to the game’s sense of cultural awareness.

Drug Content: Reference to an opium drug trade.

Morality: Depends purely on the player. One can either massacre every single civilization in existence, or attempt to live in harmony with everyone. There’s no right or wrong way to play the game; only the way you choose to play.

Review: 8.0

Conquer the World, Go to Space, Bring About World Peace, or Fade into History…

A brilliant game in many respects, Civilization V falters a tad bit compared the previous instalment in the simple regard of keeping your attention through to the end.

Gameplay: Taking the 4X style of gameplay (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) and putting a new yet rather simplistic twist on it, Civ V nevertheless manages to be highly addictive in its fast-paced style of gameplay. The late game falters a little, especially due to the fact that it can get repetitive. Upgrade this, research that, avoid getting annihilated by Gandhi again, etc, etc, oh the game's done. Wow, third place. Good thing there's only three Civilizations.

It should be noted that the expansion Brave New World, which I haven't played, addresses this late game's dullness. As we are reviewing the base game, however, this is a definite negative point.

Audiovisual: Civ V has an interesting visual style a la Atlas Shrugged. The game’s voiceovers are adequate and non-invasive, adding flavour to the culture-based gameplay. Graphically, the game is still quite stunning, even if it is questionably demanding on your hardware once world leaders are introduced.

Replay Value: This is why you buy the game in the first place. Highly addictive, chaotic, intense, and sometimes hilarious, Civ V will have you coming back for more in no time.

Conclusion: Having only a few areas of concern for parents, Civ V is educational and family friendly for the most part. The violence is not graphic, and while some of the game’s historical references might be unsettling for younger gamers, it is not done in an overtly graphic way.


For Violence and Thematic Elements

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