May 16, 2017

Why I Won't Be Reviewing Mass Effect Andromeda (For Now)

Certain games are meant to be played in order to be fully experienced. Looking at the early site, one might not think that, but as I was unemployed in the early years and had a lot of time on my hands, I was able to devote hours a day to sit through many video games, fully experiencing their vast content.

Nowadays, being a supposed adult in my twenties, I'm no longer able to afford such luxuries. I really want to review Mass Effect Andromeda, along with several other RPGs. Convincing myself to kill an entire month of time in order to do so just isn't worth it, especially since a YouTube run is not the best way to really review a vast game such as Andromeda.

That, and the game's relatively poor reception, makes this a skip for me. No, we don't only review good game's, but if there was more buzz, it would make it worth reviewing for me.

Once the game's discounted, and I'm able to afford it, I might consider doing a review. This is pretty much how I do reviews these days; I supplement my time spent gaming with doing reviews. It only takes about five minutes longer, whereas with YouTube videos it eats away at valuable time and really isn't worth the time spent.

IN SHORT: It's not gonna happen, for now at least. :)

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