May 18, 2017

Why I WILL Be Reviewing Mass Effect 2 (Soon)

Recently, I posted an article stating that I wouldn't be reviewing ME Andromeda. (For now, at least.) Citing time and the game's relatively poor reception as reasons, I did note that actually owning and playing the game would make a review highly feasible. With that said, I do own the original Mass Effect Trilogy, making reviews of all three possible, but the one I'm going to focus on is Mass Effect 2.
*Cue storytime*

As I'm currently between jobs, I had a lot of time to spend doing things such as focusing on skills I abandoned while working retail, such as programming, design (which I've been doing for over a decade, true story), and of course, creative writing.

In the evenings, when I'm not "working", I played video games. As me and video games have a bit of a bad history (I often struggle to finish games or fully immerse myself in them), and the stress of figuring out what to do about my employment situation, very few games actually held my attention for long.

Mass Effect 2 was a definite exception. The story, characters, atmosphere, and the way the story tailors to your choices made it highly immersive, in a way previously only matched by my other favourite Deus Ex. 

I had a pretty decent length review after passing the halfway point, but due to an unfortunate accident, I unintentionally deleted the entire review. Which means I have to play through the game again to write everything down...again.

Nevertheless, as ME2 is now one of my favourite games, this is not a chore. It may take some time, but a review you will see.

I'll be ending this post with a request for prayer from my fellow Christians. I need to get work, I need a car, and I need my own place. I need to study, and keep building up this site, and so on. So if you can pray for me regarding this, that would be greatly appreciated.

I'll see you again soon with another post, right here on KVRx!

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