May 24, 2017

New Reviews: A Quick Overview

I've mentioned wanting to branch out to other mediums than gaming, such TV series, music, films, and the like. I do want to note that video games are still going to be the top priority, and Content Guides for said games are compulsory for my posts. Reviews of other mediums don't necessarily need content guides, as they are widely covered by other sites in detail.

Reviews of film and music are going to be purely reviews. That doesn't mean that I won't go into detail about my beliefs and how they relate to a particular song or movie. It's what sets my site apart from being just an average media site, due to us trying to go much deeper than normal entertainment pages. We want to be able to look at these pieces of entertainment in a much deeper lens than what is normal, even if that means we have to unfortunately put reviews up much later than corporate sites.

I'll have a review schedule up once I've calculated the logistics of running such a site. Expect more frequent posts in the near future. :)

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