May 23, 2017

Is Pop Music Becoming More Generic?

I've recently expressed my desire to branch out my reviews to other mediums, such as film and music, so I'll briefly elaborate on a problem I've seen with modern music: It's so generic. 

Pop music, while not exactly being the top deck of lyrical craftmanship, has it's standouts. I was a huge fan of Coldplay a few years back, even going as far to link to their songs from my posts. I enjoyed their earlier work, especially their sophomore outing A Rush of Blood to the Head, an excellent alternative album in many respects.

Their album-ending song, Amsterdam, begins with the song's protagonist at a suicidally low level, lamenting on his fate, before telling of an unknown saviour who "came along and cut him loose". The first song on the album, Politik, was written on the day the twin towers collapsed, holding a certain bitter rawness to it, yet the ending is quite hopeful in spite of it. This contrasting dynamic helps build the songs to make them feel deeper, and more meaningful, while also still being catchy tunes to chart the billboard. 

Their more recent stuff lacks substance, and focuses more on sappy choruses and catchy hooks, which sound pleasing to the ear at times, but doesn't really go deeper than that. It does seem that the pop hits of yesteryear had significantly more depth than the trite of today. Much of the music I see fails to connect to one's heart in any way, instead focusing on having a "nice beat" and some "cool" bass drops. I know that there's genuinely good music to be found somewhere in the ocean of mediocrity, but said massive pool of garbage is growing larger by the minute.

Here's to better years for music to come, hopefully in the near future. Not all years are going to be the best for pop culture, after all.

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