April 26, 2017

Doom (2016) Christian Review

Blood, sweat and demons. Doom returns in the 2016 iteration for more pulse-pounding, ghoul-slaying wholesome goodness for the whole family.*

*(Not meant to be taken literally.)

Thoughts and Impressions: Never once having a slow moment, Doom 2016 manages to be pretty entertaining if a little bare-bones,. Sure, the dark sense of humour makes things interesting, but after slaying the same demon a million times, it gets a little repetitive.

Storywise, it's pretty much "Destroy all demons and close the gates of Hell", with no real meat given to the story, piles of gore notwithstanding. For what it's worth, it should satisfy those looking for old-school thrills sacrificing emotional depth or satisfying storylines.

Now for those interested, let's get to the Content Guide: 

Content Guide:

Violence/Intense Content: (9)

Doom is a bloody game, to say the least. Heads, arms, legs, torsos are all decimated by gunfire, hand-to-hand combat and explosives, blood spraying out in fountains as limbs are snapped off and severed. High powered weapons blow enemies apart entirely, huge amounts of blood splattering across the environment. Intestines are strewn across the floor. Certain enemies tear themselves apart upon being killed, skin tearing with blood and gore spraying out.

Players can get up close and personal with a chainsaw, tearing enemies open with gore spraying, sawing their heads, arms and torsos in half, The player can also use their bare hands, tearing jaws apart, shattering skulls, ripping arms and legs off. As a special move, they can tear tusks off certain enemies and stab them through the eyes, all with resulting blood. 

Players can enter "berzerk" mode, punching enemies with abnormal strength, causing them to explode into bloody pieces. Hearts are also torn out, and shoved back into the mouth of the victim, causing them to explode, blood and guts shown. Heads are ripped apart, sinew and brains shown briefly along with an explosion of gore.

Certain fleshly growths featured in environments have to be destroyed in order to progress. Pieces of said growths are turned out with blood splatter, gore, and explosions of fluids shown.

Dead characters are shown lying around environments, having head their legs, heads, arms, spines and organs torn out, with lots of blood surrounding them. Certain areas have literal lakes filled with blood, gore, bones, skin, and membranes. Skeletons with viscera still attached are shown, along with blood-stained eyeballs still inside certain skulls to comical effect. (9)



According to the ESRB, there are uses of F**k, S**t, and other profanities. However, in my time with the game, I heard no swear words being uttered at any point.

April 12, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Content Guide + Review

The Hunger Games meets Skyrim.

Release Date: February 2017

Developer: Guerilla Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genre: Action RPG

Content Verdict: Caution Advised (For Bloody Violence and Moderate Language)

April 09, 2017

Upcoming Reviews + Site Changes

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good Sunday. This week will bring my Horizon: Zero Dawn review out into the blogosphere. I've also been making good progress with the promised Doom 2016 review, which will also be posted by next week if all goes well.

I want to start teasing this now, since I don't want it to be too jarring a change: My site will have a big change later this year. Instead of being called KVR Gaming, it will now change to KVRx. I've had the idea to expand my reviews from gaming out into movies, series, and other related areas, as well as going deeper into the Christian topics I've presented over the years and sadly never got a chance to fully explore.

This change isn't something I just decided upon recently. It is the definite next stage for the site. Along with the change, I'll have to give the site a new URL. I'll work to ensure that the old one automatically redirects to the new one, so don't worry too much about it.

As I said, this will be happening later this year, so stay tuned for the changes once things get serious!