January 24, 2017

The Last Guardian Content Guide + Review

The Little Boy and the Beast.

Release Date: December 2016

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genre: Adventure

Content Verdict: Teenage Gamers for Fantasy Violence

Quality Verdict: Good (B)

January 15, 2017

In Progress: The Last Guardian Review

Estimated time of Completion: 1 Week.

Projected Verdict: Teenage Gamers (Possibly Caution Advised, depending on the intensity of certain sequences late in the game.)

Content Verdict: So far, so good. The game is enthralling, even though the early sequences so far haven't made an impact. Some interesting twists not shown in promotional materials which might throw players a curveball.

Awkward controls and camera angles are a massive downer, however. The walkthrough shows the player struggling to get a grip on ledges and the creature.

January 12, 2017

New Reviews Inbound!

Hello everyone. I'm currently on leave until tomorrow, so I went home for a bit. I've been thinking a lot about the blog during my time off, however, and have a lot of new content I want to start posting as soon as possible.

Expect reviews of Fallout 4 and indie gem Life is Strange in the near future, as well as reviews of Dead Space 2, Knights of the Old Republic, Dead Rising 2, and Fallout 3.

See you soon!