November 25, 2016

What We Believe Part 5 (Morality)

Hello again people. We're at the last part of the What We Believe series on our values as a website and as Christians regarding video games. In this last post, I'm going to be taking a bit of a different route and talking about the morality of playing video games with concerning content, and what it says about us as believers if we were to play such games.

No guilt trips or lectures, just some food for thought.

Say now one plays a game, involving the hijacking of cars, killing of generous amounts of citizens and utilisation of the myriad of services of prostitutes. Said hijacking of cars is referenced in the title of the game in more formal terms. 

Would playing such a game be a sin? Well, why are you playing it? Is it because you're a repressed sociopath who needs more material to fantasise about? A sexually frustrated teenage boy who wants to view sexual content in any form just because he needs the release? Or do you just like the exploration and the reward of finishing multiple missions to upgrade your living quarters, arsenal, vehicles and/or in-game empire?

The clincher lies in your motivation for playing a game. If you're playing it out of sinful motivations, well, then obviously it would be a sin. If you're just playing a game for the game's sake and because you love the gameplay...that's not a sin. Now, some of you may contest this fact on the basis of certain content having an effect on a person. Fair enough. Such content should always be taken into account, even if you're just playing it for the gameplay.

However, different content affects different people in different ways. Not all of us are tempted by the same things in the same ways and to the same degree. There's a lot of repetition in what I'm saying but I believe this is something we need to understand: All of us are unique and have our own paths to walk.

It's only through the Cross where we find our redemption from sin, and guidance to walk the path to righteousness. The Holy Spirit will guide us in our decisions, whether it be relationships, work environments, church leadership, marriage, or even video games, He will show us the right way.

It all comes down to our individual relationship with Jesus. If you feel that playing a certain game is affecting you adversely in this relationship, cast it from you. If not, groovy.

So that concludes my series on What We Believe. It's actually been more enlightening for me than anything to have my beliefs set so clearly before me. The future framework of the site is still being worked out, but I believe with what we discussed here we can move forward with a clearer vision than ever before.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great weekend ahead. I'll see you guys next week, here on KVR Gaming.

God bless.      

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