November 21, 2016

Progress Report (Nov 21st 2016)

Hello everyone! I trust you all had a manageable Monday. If not, add an extra spoonful of sugar to your coffee/tea/water and stay strong. Weekend's just a week away.

With that aside, I'm pleased to announce that I finished my Rise of the Tomb Raider review a week ahead of posting it. I'm also pleased to announce that I'm lying and I still need to edit it quite a bit before I can post the review. Nevertheless, you can be assured that the review will be posted on Wednesday in all of its glory.

Friday will see the last post in my What We Believe series, focusing on the Morality of playing games with concerning content. As the series was more of a preach (as I intended it to be), you can expect a lot of spiritual talk in the last post.

After that, I'm not sure what I'll be writing about. I don't really want to do any hot button topics, not because I'm afraid of blowback, but just because I feel our time could be spent on something else pertaining to video games or Christian life. Something a bit more "positive" if I may.

Dunno, will pray about it and see. Anyway, thanks for reading this short post. Have a blessed week ahead. I'll see you guys Wednesday for another review here on KVR Gaming.

God bless.

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