November 07, 2016

November 2016 Posting Schedule

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a manageable Monday. If not, fill up on the coffee and power through. Weekend's coming! Just five more days. :3

Either way, welcome. Glad you could make it. This month, I thought, instead of reviewing Infinite Warfare straight away, I've decided to first do Battlefield 1 this Wednesday, and follow up with Rise of The Tomb Raider two weeks from now on the 23rd of November, while pushing to get Infinite Warfare's review released at the last day of the month on the 30th. Let's see if we can make it this time and get it done.

I recently got addicted to the modern incarnation of Tomb Raider by getting the 2013 reboot for super-cheap at an entertainment shop just a few blocks from my "place of residence". An hour's walk there and a bit over an hour back due to the uphill walk it involves. Nevertheless, the journey was worth the game.

Our original Tomb Raider 2013 review was made back when we were still heavily judgmental, and as such, I would like to redo it at a certain stage. I've long since wanted to make a ReMix Review, but as a remix implies that there still is an unaltered original, I'll settle for calling it a mere review and correct it significantly to match our current beliefs and judgments.

No promises as to when I'll make it, so just be on the lookout for it somewhere in the near future. With that out of the way, let me leave you guys with the Posting Schedule for November 2016:

Week 1:

This past week. (Nov 1-6)

Week 2:

Monday (Nov 7th): Posting Schedule

Wednesday (Nov 9th): Battlefield 1 Full Review

Friday (Nov 11th): What We Believe (Spiritual Content)

Week 3:


Week 4:

Monday (Nov 21st): Announcements and Progress

Wednesday (Nov 23rd): Rise of the Tomb Raider Full Review

Friday (Nov 25th): What We Believe (Morality)

Week 5:

Monday (Nov 28th): Progress

Wednesday (Nov 30th): Infinite Warfare Full Review

Friday (December 2nd): Untitled Sermon (Potential New Series)

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