October 21, 2016

What We Believe: Language (KVR Fridays)

Ah, language. One of the hallmarks of the human race: Our ability to construct words and form sentences, some of which contain deep meanings and phrasing. And some of which, which don't contain much meaning at all, but which are constructed in such a way, that which we understand is merely the anger of the speaker, which has spoken, in such a way which we can't comprehend, the level of anger.

Okay, I'm done now. Welcome to KVR Fridays, where we post topical posts and articles, related to controversial subjects, video games, Christianity, and all three combined. Over the past three weeks (with padding, six weeks), we've been taking a look at What We Believe here at KVR Gaming.

This post will focus on the use of strong language in video games. Let's jump right in, shan't we?

Right off the bat, I want to get something out of the way: A lot of our arguments against bad language in movies and video games seem to imply that we, ourselves, are using the actual bad language instead of merely observing others doing so. I know that bringing something into your home and hearing it at the workplace is two widely different things, but we should be aware that we'll always be hearing others swear and utter profane words on a daily basis, and need to be able to keep our hearts pure and holy regardless.

As for my beliefs on strong language in gaming (and otherwise): I grew up in a home where strong language was constantly used by my family. Not just my immediate family, other family as well. I heard bad words several times a day. I kept myself restrained when it came to actually using them, but during my teenage years, I picked up the bad habit of swearing myself.

I didn't allow myself to use the strongest of words, however, after a long year of depression, I started dropping F-bombs like a madman in the past year of 2015. In the month of July, after praying about it for a while, the Holy Spirit convicted my heart against my swearing and I stopped swearing entirely within the matter of a week.

It wasn't easy, but I gradually eased my way out of the habit by praying for forgiveness every time I let a foul word slip out. While I don't swear anymore, I do still struggle with keeping my conversations pure and find it hard not to gossip about people I know, especially the difficult ones.

It's a daily process, and it's something we all need to do at some point; to surrender our communications unto God, and let Him change our hearts.

Anyway, with this being said, we also need to be careful what allow into our homes. I learned all those beautiful medieval French words through a couple of movies I "liberated" from filesharing sites. (Another topic on it's own, but I've long since stopped pirating movies and TV shows.) Once the stress really got high, it was nice to relieve the tensions by cooking up a swear word cocktail and downing it in one smooth motion if you catch my drift.

Nevertheless, I still watch movies with cuss words in, play games with foul-mouthed characters and listen to the occasional electronic song with a swear-drop as well as a bass-drop. It's a matter of constant debate for me, in spite of me being able to tune out those words, as I really want to keep my heart clean in front of God.

Through Christ we can be renewed to new standards, and He can grant us a new heart once we realise the error of our ways in full, accept the consequences, and give our hearts to Him. The only advice I can give as to what you allow yourself to hear, language-wise, be it at the office, at family "braais" or however they call it across the pond, or in video games and other forms of entertainment, is to pray and ask Christ to give you guidance.

It's the only way you'll be able to know for sure if you're going down the right road or not when it comes to your entertainment choices.

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