October 19, 2016

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Full Review)

This is why you never mix business with family...

Release Date: May 2016

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genre: Adventure

Content Verdict: Teenage Gamers (For Some Violence, Intense Content, and Language)

Quality Verdict: 9.6

Content Guide:

Violence/Intense Content:

--Combat is heavily featured in the game. Players can get into fist fights, with realistic thud sounds and cries of pain from enemies, who pass out upon being punched, kicked, stomped and headbutted repeatedly. Blood seeps from broken noses and eyes are bruised. Ribs are broken and bones are shattered in heavy prison brawls, with accompanying sound effects.

Gunfire results in the enemy jerking around with the impact of the bullets, blood spraying and cries of pain heard, the enemy slumping over when killed.

Necks can be broken, with a crack heard and the enemy falling over dead. Knives are wielded in combat against the player, with slicing sound effects when the blade makes contact.

Parts of the environment can be used in combat, with players picking up chairs, beams of wood and sticks to beat enemies with, resulting in them passing out upon being beaten unconscious. Players can also shove enemies into solid walls or slam their heads against tables or walls, with a yelp of pain and crack heard. (7)

--A massive amount of environmental destruction occurs throughout the game. Boats, cars, entire environments are completely eviscerated by rocket launchers, grenades, bombs and so on throughout the game. Lots of explosion and destruction occurs throughout the game.

Several characters are thrown around like ragdolls, slamming into the environment, falling from great distances, being crushed by falling debris, and so forth. (7)  

--We see several corpses of fallen soldiers and explorers, some of which are stained with blood, throughout the environments of the game. We also skeletons of pirates and related, restrained in cages, impaled on spikes, hanging from nooses or tied to a tree. (5)

Storyline Violence:

--A man is stabbed in the ribs twice with a knife; we see the knife go in his side, hearing a slice sound and the man groaning in pain. He collapses, blood pooling out beneath him, dying shortly afterwards. (7) 

--A man is beaten with a stick in a prison setting, with cries of pain and thuds heard as he flinches and sobs in pain. An injured man is shot in the head, with a bloody mist shown. (6)

--A man is shot off-screen; we see the results, blood dripping from his mouth and a large bloody stain visible on his clothing. (6)  

--Two men fight with swords; they stab and slice each other, with small amounts of blood depicted. The fight ends with one man being crushed by a pile of objects; we briefly see strike him into the ground. (6)


--A "fertility tome" is shown, depicting a baby nursing on the statue's breast. (4)

--A man says a phrase in Portuguese, which he then translates to "how long before your husband gets home?" (3)

--A woman asks a man what he was doing in another part of the house. He replies that he was "researching something", to which she slyly asks "oh, is that what we're calling it these days?" (3)

--A man is pushed down on the floor by a woman, yelling out the word "mango" and then stating it's his "safeword". (3)


Frequent moderate language. Uses of S**t, D**k, B**ch, A**h**e, C**p. Multiple misuses of Jesus' name.

Spiritual Content:

--A few scenes take place in a Catholic boarding school, with related symbolism. A man prays a prayer to Mary during a near-death situation. (4)

--Zodiac symbols are referenced and featured at several points of the storyline. (4)

--References to "Saint Dismas", the "penitent thief" of Catholicism. Several references are made to the Crucifixion scene, Jesus' words "today you will join me in paradise" and so on. (3)


--Sully is shown smoking his trademark cigar multiple times throughout the game. A nun lights up a cigarette secretively. Sam, a major character in the game, is seen lighting up a few times. Another lady lights up a cigarette late in the game. Several mercenaries are also shown lighting up. (4)

--Beer and other alcoholic drinks are consumed at several points during the game. (4)


Par for the course in Uncharted: Tonnes of characters are killed, mostly in self-defense, some to avoid opposition. A lot of the killings

Themes: Identity, Relationships, Family, Betrayal, Greed, Religion.

Content Verdict:

Featuring the usual intensity of the Uncharted series, a Thief's End has a few violent moments, a lot of intensity, and some moderately strong language. Nothing about the content exceeds what is considered suitable for a teenage audience, which leads us to give Uncharted 4: A Thief's End:

For Some Violence, Intense Content, and Language.

QuickReview: 9.6

+Gorguous Graphics, Truly Beautiful Environments

+Exciting Gameplay, Never Too Long or Short

+Emotional Yet Light Storyline Packs a Punch

The long awaited conclusion of the Uncharted series, A Thief's End is a great way to end the franchise. After decades, Nathan Drake, protagonist of the Uncharted franchise, is reunited with his long-lost brother, Sam.

Nate, long since retired from his previous life of treasure-hunting, has settled down with his wife Elena and tried to adjust to a normal life. Sam's sudden reappearance, however, forces Nathan Drake back into the game, as Sam has been ensnared under the control of a ruthless drug lord, his only condition of release being the fabled treasure of Henry Avery, famed 17th Century pirate.

Pulled back into a life he swore to leave behind, Nate is pulled into conflicting allegiances, torn between his marriage and normal life with Elena, and the life of adventure he sorely missed. Things are made worse by a group of mercenaries, Shoreline, led by one Nadine Ross, who works for the ruthless Rafe Adler, a wealthy treasure-hunter rivaling Nate himself.

The story proceeds at a breakneck pace, with combat and adventure segments interchanging frequently. Dialogue is breezy and always packed with wit. The emotional story at the core of everything succeeds at being touching without being sappy in the least bit.

Long story short: A Thief's End is the culmination of the series in every way, leaving us breathless, touched and wanting more (in a good way). Fans and non-fans alike won't want to miss out on this one. Fully worth every penny.

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