September 18, 2016

Cold Summer (KVR Sundays)

I'm nearly freezing as I'm writing this. Just thought you'd like to know. Yep.

Anyway, after some thinking, I've decided to change the review schedule to a review every two weeks instead of weekly. I knew I was being a bit brave when I decided to try that schedule again, as I have a job and other commitments outside of work. Clearly I need to understand the difference between bravery and doing something I know won't be possible. But, such is life. I believe that this new schedule will help the blog significantly, so all's well that ends well, eh? Yeah, anyway...

Another thing I want to do is to release a review schedule for you guys at the start of a month, to show which games will be reviewed that month, as well as which articles are being posted. So remember to drop by the first Monday of each month for a schedule on what's to come.

Topical articles and updates will also be posted bimonthly (every two weeks) from now on, in order to keep things consistent across the board. Announcements like these ones will still be posted every week, letting you guys know what's the haps (ugh) outside of the blog and how things are going.

With this change in mind, there will be no review this week, due to me hitting a bit of snag between work and other things, so my next review, the promised overview of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, will be posted next week.

I'll see you guys again on the 25th with another announcement, followed by an update on the 26th and the promised review on the 28th, ending the month on the 30th with my next What We Believe post, explaining my beliefs on sexual content in gaming. (I bet a few of you will be interested in that one for reasons I didn't actually intend.)

So have a nice week further. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for some cringe-inducing amusement at my attempt at Let's Playing, if you have time to kill.

I'll see you guys next week. Safe travels, and happy gaming.


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