September 05, 2016

A New Beginning (KVR Mondays)

This image doesn't have anything to do with the post at all. Nothing about Call of Duty is said whatsoever. Like, totally. Swear. For real.

Hello everyone. Welcome to KVR Mondays, where we explain about what's to come for the following week. These posts are to enlighten you on the progress of reviews and plans for future projects.

So hit the jump break, and let's get started...

1. The first item on the agenda is Wednesday's review: I've put off on reviewing further Call of Duty games, due to hitting burnout following all that happened last year. However, one of the first game's which came to mind once I decided to get back into reviewing was Black Ops 3.

It's basically a tradition for a new Call of Duty game to come out every year in November, and with it, a new review by us shortly following the release.

Black Ops 3 should've been no exception, but things didn't work out. Nevertheless, here we are again. It's almost time for a new Call of Duty release, so it might be more than a bit late, but we'll finish what we started before moving onto the next one.

2. The Friday Article was something I've been trying and failing to get right from the start of the blog. I'm actively fighting for an idea of what to write, but nothing's come to me yet. However, since the site has taken the Christian route once again, the Friday article can be a faith-based series, or it could be a gaming series, or a mixture of the two.

I'm going in pretty much blind with this one, but we'll pray for guidance regarding the series and see what God shows us.

3. More videos. I'm going to be getting my computer back soon enough, so I want to start a new video series alongside this blog. As I'm busy with work outside of the site, it will be a challenge, and how often I post is yet to be determined.

I want to continue my walkthroughs of video games, but with a fresh twist. I have a great plan in mind, but we'll keep it on the lowdown until I'm ready to discuss things further.

Outro: Thanks for reading this update. We'll see you on Wednesday with the Black Ops 3 review. 

Enjoy the week further, make sure not to drink too much coffee, and drive home safely.

God bless,


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