May 11, 2016

Safe-Zone Gamers

I'll be the first to say it: At this moment in time, I'm pretty much a safe-zone gamer.

"A gamer that avoids all form of objectionable content?"

Nope. I wish. Rather, I'm just a gamer outside the chaotic circle, otherwise known in modern culture as "The Gaming Community".

It's a topic I've spoken about a thousand times. I just "fell out" of the gameosphere and haven't managed to fully reintegrate myself. It's not for lack of trying, it's just for lack of a solid purpose. Like, when I'm standing in the middle of all the chaos, all the video games being announced and published and played and raved on about, what am I supposed to do?

Gaming has always been about the experience for me. Whether it be old or new, long or short, classic or modern, round or square, hot or cold (okay my comparative metaphors fall apart rapidly these days), none of it matters unless I have a genuine emotional connection with the game.

So while others might choose to run head-first into a speeding tornado, getting swept up into the chaos without so much thought as to where they're eventually going to land, I've decided to simply sit outside the rim and watch. When the storm clears, I'll take a long walk through the now barren wasteland.

And if there's something shiny amidst all the wreckage, I'll take it. But only once the storm's passed.