April 21, 2016

Land of The Living

When Friday finally comes around...

Hello everyone! After three months of procrastination, I've decided that I'm absolutely still game to go on with the blog (pun fully intended), and will do so without any hesitation.

However, there will be a few limitations. The first of which is that I'm not, what you might call, able to do a lot of reviews right now. (It's a new condition hence the awkward name.) The reason for this is twofold.

Eins: I recently moved (AGAIN) and had to leave my gaming PC behind, due to my parents needing it for work purposes.

Zwei: I have too little internet to download videos of newer games. Yep. #BudgetCuts

As you can see, this is a bit of a challenge. BUT, I do plan on taking the website back to it's Christian roots, content guides and in-depth analyses included. 

When we'll start again...I don't know. But we'll get there. Eventually..

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