December 17, 2015

Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice Content Guide

The game of Game of Thrones. By Telltale Games. Of thrones.

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Placeholder Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (Contains Strong Violence and Strong Language Including Graphic Sexual References)

Strongest Content: Violence/Language

Recommended Age: 18+

Content Guide:

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

General Violence:

--Sword violence is portrayed; people are sliced, stabbed, and impaled through the abdomen, neck, legs, arms, back and face, with splashes of blood, and loud screams of pain heard. Distinct cracks and crunches are heard as the swords pierce through the bones of characters. (8)

--We see several environments stained with the blood of the dead, and with dead bodies, soaked in blood and gore, littering said environments. (6)

Episode 1:

--You can punish a thief by having his fingers cut off by your henchman; we see the ax chop the fingers in half, blood spilling out onto the wood below as the man screams and cringes with pain, holding his now blood-soaked hand. The thief is eventually dragged away to receive medical treatment. (7)

--A character is stabbed in the throat by treacherous man; we see blade pierce the victim's jugular with a loud crunch, blood leaking out of his nose and resulting neck wound, and splattering all over a nearby woman, who then comforts him as he dies slowly, a large pool of blood slowly forming beneath them. (7)

--(These are all interconnected scenes which happen shortly after each other) A man is stabbed through the neck with a pike; blood squirts out and a crunch is heard. 

A man is shot through the eye with an arrow, blood squirting out. 

A man is crushed underneath a speeding cart; we see his body being pulled underneath the cart, and hear a loud crack. (7)

--A man is stabbed through the throat with a pitchfork; blood spews out, and he gurgles as he slowly dies. (7)

--A restrained man is sliced with a knife as a form of torture; the torturer slices and stabs him off-screen, loud cries of pain are heard, and we see blood dripping from the instrument of torture. This scene goes on for quite some time. (7)

--Your character is able die by being shot with arrows; we see three arrows hit him in the torso, blood seeping out onto his shirt, and he slumps over dead. (6)

--A man is crushed by a stampede of horses; we see him roll over and hear a loud crack. Another man is killed after a horse falls on him. We hear a thud and see his dead body pinned underneath the horse. (5)

--A pig is stabbed to death with a sword. We see a spurt of blood and hear the pig squeal as it dies. (5)

Episode 2:

--Two men engage in combat. One of them drops a sword, and both characters reach for said sword. One of them manages to grab it, and slice the other man's hand off, blood spraying and exposed flesh shown in close-up, as the now wounded man screams in pain.

The wounded man is then stabbed through the thigh by one of his own men, who is then stabbed through the head by someone else, the bloody sword sticking out through the slit of his helmet. (8)

--You have the option of killing a wounded man by breaking his neck, or crippling him by stomping on his knee, both of which are shown with a spurt of blood, a scream of pain, and a loud CRACK heard. (8)

--A soldier angrily grabs a restrained man's head and slits his throat, blood spewing from his gaping neck wound, and staining his neck and the executioner's blade. (7)

-You can silently execute a man by slitting his throat, blood pulsing out and gurgling heard as he grasps for his severed jugular, and finally collapses.

Episode 3:

--A man is stabbed in the chest, blood spurting out of his chest and mouth. Alternatively, he can have part of his arm hacked off, with blood spurting out and the bloody wound shown. He crawls away, leaving a trail of blood, and coughs up blood from his mouth, gurgling.

Players can choose to "make him suffer", by stabbing him through the abdomen, gauging his stomach open with a huge wound shown and we hear horrible screams from the man, who eventually falls over and dies. (8)

--A dragon breathes fire at two men, who scream and fall over. One of them is a shown with a bloody and burnt back. (5) 

Episode 4:

--A man can be killed in two ways; The first is to stab him through the abdomen with two swords on adjacent sides of said abdomen. The swords are then torn out, forming an "X" shape across his torso, blood spilling out onto his clothing and pooling on the ground. The other option is to slit his throat, with a spray of blood, oozing from his neck, and we hear wet gurgling noises from the man, a large amount of blood pooling out from his neck. (8)

--A man is punched twice and then struck in the face with a cane, blood spraying from his cheek. The attacker then jams his cane into the man's eye, causing blood to spray out, the area surrounding the man's eye to become bloody, and the man screams horribly in pain. The attacker does this once more, before eventually striking him again. (8)

--A man is shot in the throat with an arrow; blood spills from his neck as he gurgles. (In an alternate version of this scene, he is killed by a tomahawk impaling him in the forehead, blood spurting.) He is then shot in the neck with two more arrows, falling over backwards. A woman is shot in the chest with two arrows. A man is shot in the shoulder and then twice in the chest with arrows. Both him and the woman lie on the ground, dying, blood spilling from their wounds and forming a pool of blood on the ground. (7)

--Two men are swiftly killed; one is stabbed through the chest, a burst of blood from his chest, and the other has his throat slit. He holds his throat and struggles to breathe, and blood suddenly bursts out of the wound with squishing noises. (7)

--A man is stabbed through the abdomen, blood spurting out and pooling beneath him. Another man is thrown from a height; your character jumps down on him and drives the blade through his neck, a spray of blood and a crunch heard. (7)

Episode 5:

--A wounded man is restrained to a piece of wood, with several bloody cuts across his torso. Another man takes a knife and slowly cuts the side of his head, with screams of pain and blood spraying out. The torturer cuts the man further with crunching noises and screams of pain. The wounded man is shown with parts of his skin missing from his torso, bloody flesh visible underneath. The torturer finally slices his abdomen open, with the man's intestines and organs visibly falling out of his body. (9)

--A man is shot with several arrows, with blood spraying out, before a dart strikes him in the neck, blood pouring out of his neck wound. Several characters surround him and stab him in the lower torso with blood spurting out. Another character takes a sword and jams the handle into his eye; we see bloody flesh around the area where the eye used to be. The man then falls over dead. (8)

--A man is brutally stabbed to death several times with a knife, piercing through his chest; the man screams horribly as we hear crunching and see blood squirting out of his chest. (8)

--We see several mutilated corpses lying around in a room, with pools of blood beneath the bodies and with flies hovering around the room. As we walk through the room, we spot a group of severed heads arranged in a line, their faces contorted in pained expressions. We see a couple of headless bodies as well, some of which are lying in pools of blood around an arena where brutal fights are taking place. (7) 

--Your character makes battle with a couple of "White Walkers", bloodlessly cutting off their arms and legs with bloody stumps shown, and decapitates one of them, the bloody stump of the neck shown in detail. A couple of White Walkers are set on fire, becoming bloody and charred, before eventually expiring. (7)

--A couple of rabbits are shot with arrows; we see blood spurt out, and the rabbit falls lifelessly to the side. (5) 

Episode 6:

--A man's chest is cut open off-screen as he screams in pain, blood spewing out. We see his exposed intestines and heart, as a man tears said heart from the man's chest, crunching heard and blood spraying as he pulls it out. (8)

--A man takes a sword and jams it through the open mouth of another man, slowly at first before pushing it full force out the back of his head. Gurgling is heard as blood sprays out, and the man becomes wide-eyed with the shock of the act. (8) 

--A man is decapitated, partially obscured by his back; we see the bloody stump afterwards, still spewing blood vigourously. (8) 

Context of Violence: Shock Value


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A man says that he "had a girl he used to f**k now and then. Face like a queen, t**s like a w**re." Another man grows irritated and snaps that he's "sick of Finn bragging about all the girl's he's f**ked." The irritated guy states that he was sent here because of "f**king potatoes", to which your character can ask: "You f**k potatoes?" (8)

-A man remarks something about "death by sword" being a "sweet kiss", but that fire would "f**k you hard".

--Two people discuss buying "the best w**res". One of them jokes: "Who needs the best w**res when the bad ones are so much fun?" (7)

--A man bluntly asks a man if he is a "raper". (6)

--A man remarks that they can finally go "p**s off a wall", to which another man replies: "I didn't know you needed an excuse to play with yourself." (5)

--A man is mentioned to be a "b**t*rd". (4)

--We see a captive man, who's been stripped down to his underwear. This is shown for some time. (4)

Context of Sex/Nudity: References Only


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Infrequent Uses of C**t, F**k, S**t, W**re, T**s, C**k, B**ls, A*s, B**t**d, Bl**dy, C**p, H**l, and D**n.

Context of Language: Grittiness

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A woman cuts her hand open and lets blood drip into an open flame while reciting an incantation. A man sits down, his eyes rolling back into his head as his spirit seems to inhabit a nearby bear. (7) 

-A man holds the severed heart of another man, and squeezes it into a fire as a woman chants as part of a ritual. This is brief. 

--Several references to a polytheistic religion. Many people mention the "gods" and their "favour", and use "by the gods" and "thank the gods" as exclamations. (5)

-A reference to a couple of men using a "weirwood tree" as a way to communicate with their gods, and it is stated that the "old gods" watch them through the weirwood trees.

Context of Spiritual Content: Fantasy, References


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--Several characters are shown drinking various liquors at many points in the game, occasionally to the point of drunkenness. (8)

-A man is stated to be addicted to a fictional drug. We see his hands shaking at intervals, and he acts very nervously when around people.

Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Cool Factor, Shock Value

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--A man holds a graphically detailed leg wound open for a man to pour maggots on. This is shown in close-up for quite some time. (8)

--A bloodied and laceration-laced man wakes up in a pile of maggot-infested bodies, a crow pecking at a gaping wound in his arm. We see his torn skin, bloody flesh exposed, and see blood staining his body and blood covering the corpses around him. (8)

--A woman challenges a man to taste a red spill to see if it's blood or wine. It turns out to be blood. (7)

--A woman jokes that ale "goes in yellow, comes out yellow". (5)

--A man holds up a fungi-infested piece of bread and complains that it has "f***ng worms in it". (4)

Emotional Scenes:

--A man is stabbed to death; his family surrounds him as he dies, crying and screaming. (7)

--A man sacrifices himself for his friends; this scene is underscored by deeply emotional music, and the connection the gamer has with the character might make this scene quite sad. (7)

--A man comes across his dying father and sees that a relative is dead. His father dies holding his hand. (5)


--A man says that another man locked up his wine cellar "real tight, just like his own c**t". (9)

--A character brags about how they bled a man "like a pig" and that eventually "he could barely breathe", yet he was able to keep begging them not to hurt his daughter, but they ignored him and her "screams" were the last thing he ever heard. (8)

--A man makes a remark about a "basilisk’s d**k" and after being asked a favour, resignedly says: "Oh b**ger me with a bl**dy spear." (8)

--In a rather cold environment, a man sarcastically remarks that a struggling man can get a job washing a high-ranking man's "c**k, if it hasn't frozen off." (7)

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Characters are forced to make tough decisions in order to survive. Choices are often ambiguous and not always pleasant in outcome.

Morality Type: Shades of Grey


And so we reach the conclusion of a long review process.

The violence is quite intense, to say the least, featuring brutal executions, blood, shocking deaths, and so on. While definitely graphic, the violence isn't shown in indulgent excess, and used rather sparingly during the main storyline, making it passable for the MA rating.

The sexual references are still strong, with many references to sex with profanity-laced words, and strong language peppers most of the dialogue. Sexual situations are surprisingly non-existent, considering the sexual material featured in the Game of Thrones universe.

Drug references occur in the fifth episode, with a character depicted as being an addict to a fictional drug, causing him to act erratically. Alcohol usage pervades the entire game, with characters getting drunk across the board.

Spiritual content is still very limited, with only references uttered by characters, until some strong (if brief) spiritual content is shown in the last episode. A ritual sacrifice and transmigration is featured in a few pivotal scenes, which may be concerning for more conservative gamers.

All in all, a solid MA rating. Not as bad as the source material, that's for sure, but still pretty strong, and not for the faint of heart. Play with discretion.

Verdict: 18+
Contains Strong Violence and Strong Language Including Graphic Sexual References

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