November 21, 2015

Tales From The Borderlands (Content Guide)

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Intro: A simplified spin-off of the popular (and insane) Borderlands series, Tales from the Borderlands offers a more story-driven experience compared to Gearbox's main franchise, but one that manages to reach the same heights in terms of entertainment.

Gamers and parents should know that the Borderlands franchise is known for it's crude, moderately sexualised humour and graphic, cartoonishly over-the-top gory violence. Tales of the Borderlands is milder than the primary franchise in this regard, but there is still content of note.

Characters are sliced and cut apart with swords and machine guns, and other characters crack crude jokes in-between the bloodshed. For more information, hit the jump-break...

Verdict: Caution Advised (For Strong Gory Violence and Crude Humour)

Recommended Age: 16+

Strongest Content: Violence

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A huge creature bites a man, who summarily gets lodged halfway in the creature's mouth, screaming heard, and blood sprays out, with crunching sound effects. Another man pulls the legs of the victim, trying to get him out. He pulls the man's lower body loose, blood spraying out as his severed legs collapse on the floor.

A man then cuts the creature's stomach open as it jumps above him. Blood spills out all over him and soaks him red with gore. The upper half of the eaten man falls out on him and a stray intestine is thrown in for good measure. (8)

--A cyborg assassin slices several "psychos" with his sword; one bandit is cut in half, severing his upper torso, his legs falling over and a geyser of blood spraying out of his mutilated lower body. A few other psychos are sliced with his sword, blood splattering and they fall over, screaming.

While two characters are conversing in the same room, a random severed torso of a psycho comes flying across the room, intestines hanging out of his stomach and blood squirting out. (7)

--A drop-pod lands on a man, who explodes into a blood splatter, staining the pod and the environment around him. (7)

--A man is shot through the head by a sniper rifle; we hear a splash/splat sound, blood bursting out of the side of his head. We see his hand twitching afterwards. (7)

--A creature is hit by a car; we see a huge burst of blood, splattering our screens red, and afterwards it hits the ground, a huge blood pool forming beneath it. (7)

--A creature is impaled in the mouth, a crunch heard and blood squirting out of its mouth as it hangs in the air. This carries on for a seconds. (7)

--A robot guns down several soldiers, with blood splattering out as their arms flail around in an exaggerated way, and screams of pain are heard.

You can also use grenades, which electrocute enemies, who spasm and cry out with pain, a bit of blood splattering out of their bodies. (7)

--A man jams an electrical weapon into the helmet of an enemy, who screams in pain as he gets electrocuted, blood spraying out of the helmet. (7)

--A man smacks a butcher knife away, which hits another man in the head, blood spurting out and a crunch being heard. (7)

--A man is stabbed in the chest several times by two "midgets"; we hear splats and crunching sounds. Blood seeps out onto his torso. Afterwards, he is shown groaning in pain as he dies. (7)

--A man is shot in the back, and he crashes into tables and onto the floor. Another man shoots him in the head off-screen, a bit of blood splattering on the cheek of a bystander. He is then dragged out of the building, a trail of blood left in his wake. (5)

--We see the corpse of a man slowly drifting in space, his face frozen in an expression of shock. (5)

--A dead man hangs from a billboard, a noose around his neck and flies are shown swarming around his body. (5)

--A couple of bandits' necks are snapped, a crack being heard and their heads twist around. (5)

Episode 2:

--A woman inserts a spoon-fork into a dead man's eye to remove the retina. She slips and stabs him in the eye (off-screen), a squirt of blood ejecting all over face and clothing. We see his bloodied afterwards.

She attempts to remove the other one, the camera switching the eye's point of view. We see sprays of blood and hear squishing. Eventually, the woman inserts the spoon-fork deeper underneath the retina, which we see from a side view, blood squirting, and then scoops it out. It pops out with a burst of blood, flying across the room in slow-motion. (8)

--A man falls from a height and hits the floor off-screen, bursting into a shower of blood and splattering all over three surrounding characters in a comically exaggerated fashion. (7)

--A man beats a bat-like creature several times with pan, blood splattering all over the surrounding area and his face. (6)

--A giant quadruple monster is shot with a rocket, tearing apart its torso. We see its exposed ribcage, stomach and lots of blood leaking out on the floor beneath it. (6)

--A man is shot with an elemental weapon: When shot with the fire elemental, his hair is lit on fire very briefly, and he screams. He bows down, and we see his charred and bloody scalp, bloody flesh shown. (6)

Episode 3:

--A woman is sliced several times with two separate knives, blood squirting, and parts of her body slide apart horizontally and her torso falls apart in a wet pile of bloody body parts. (7)

--A woman grabs a shotgun from an armed man and shoots him in the torso, tearing his chest open with a huge amount of blood spraying out. (7)

--A man is shot and falls on the floor. A canister falls on his head and crushes it, with a splat of a blood shown and a crunch is heard. This is partially obscured. (6)

--A gigantic sphere is sent rolling over several enemies, crushing them with a spurt of blood and a crack heard. (6)

Episode 4:

--A dead man is flipped over to reveal that his face has been cut off, blood, sinew and muscles shown in graphic detail. We later see a couple of characters wearing severed faces as masks; the player has to identify a certain one and retrieve it. (See Gross Stuff for more detail.) (8)

--A man (with a bomb strapped to his chest) is shot near the corpse of another man, causing them both to explode into bloody meaty chunks which rain from the sky, a huge blood pool seen beneath them as a severed arm lands in the middle of the gore pile. (8)

--We see a vertical passage with several saws and blades to eviscerate anyone who tries to pass through it. We see a large puddle of blood beneath the entrance and see buckets of gore in the surrounding area. (Literal buckets of gore.) (7)

--A woman is stabbed through the elbow with a knife as a form of torture; we see blood spurting and hear the woman groaning. (7)

Episode 5:

--A man pulls a cybernetic implant out of the side of his head, with blood spraying and crunching heard as he pulls it out. He is caught on a spike and pulls his cybernetic arm loose, with crunching heard as the sinew around the arm tears loose with sprays of blood. (7)

Context of Violence: Shock Value, Comedy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--Two women are shown to be in a same-sex relationship. One of them plants a kiss on the other one's cheek. A man is excited by the act and remarks that they know each other "intimately" and "do it". (6)

--When asked what a man was "doing" down a planet, he has the option of replying with: "your mom." (5)

--A man talks about "opening a hole" and pulling "a lever", which he then states is not as "sexy" as it sounds. He summarily calls the aforementioned hole a "jack hole". (5)

--A man asks another man: "When you're taking care of business, do you use your 'robo hand' or your 'real hand'?" (5)

--A man hypothesises that if he took a different direction in his life, he might be sitting "on a beach and doing disturbingly graphic things with the local ladies". (5)

--A man pulls out an electric prod and orders a robot to perform a certain task. The robot oddly states: "Anything for you, madam." (5)

--A certain substance is stated to not work when used for "male enhancement" purposes. (5)

--A woman talks about there being plenty of "sweating" once a man comes back for his "reward" and talks about it being "long, hard, and powerful." (She's referring to something else.) (5)

--We see a topless man with a "ripped" body. Several men act jealous of him and one man says that he has to get him a shirt because his body is making him "uncomfortable". (4)

--A man holds a large gun and remarks about how "advanced" it is. Another man retorts: "Someone's compensating." (4)

--A man is stated to "definitely" be a "virgin". (4)

Context of Sex/Nudity: Comedy


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Uses of S**t, D**k, Pr**k, A*s, B**ls, B**t**d, P**s, C**p, H**l, D**n, and a few censored uses of F**k.

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Context of Language: Comedy

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive


Context of Spiritual Content: Nothing


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A few people are shown smoking and drinking. A scene is set in a bar. An ad for vehicle requests: "Please don't drink and drive." (5)

--A man asks "you been snorting redrocks?" upon seeing your character perform an odd action. (4)

Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Atmospheric, Comedy

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--A man tries to peel a severed face from the mask of another character. The face slowly peels off with squishing noises and bloody flesh shown, until at one point it "gets stuck" and the character struggles to remove it, crunching noises heard as we see the flesh contorting. We see the severed face at several other points during the storyline, displayed in a comical manner. (8)

--A man, nauseous from the rocking of a spaceship, throws up off-screen; we see the yellow fluids drifting through the air towards another man, but don't see the "impact". (6)

--A man uses the phrase: "You scratch my nuts, I'll scratch yours." Another man sarcastically replies that he should go "scratch his own nuts", to which the first man retorts: "Oh, I'll scratch them. I'll scratch them hard." (5)

--A man bluntly states that he has to go "pee". He tries to have a conversation with another man while relieving himself, but the other man tells him to not talk to him whilst he's "peeing". The former man apologises and comments that he's "almost done". Afterwards, the man wraps his shirt around his head because the sun's "too hot", and it's stated that his shirt is covered in "p**s". (5)

--A device describes a steel barrier as being useful for anyone wanting to "cover their holes". (5)

--We see a piece of graffiti depicting a pair of bare buttocks and legs sprinting. (Don't ask.) (5)

--When knocking over a motorcycle, the owner will exclaim: "My shiny crotch machine!" (4)

Frightening/Horror Scenes:

--A man suddenly jumps out at you and laughs maniacally. Later on in the same episode, he scares you again, this time with a fake scream. (4)

Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

The morality is pretty much based around being a criminal and doing jobs for criminals. However, the characters are shown to be somewhat upright and moral when it comes to dealing with their friends, even going as far to put their life on the line for them.

Morality Type: Life of Crime


Tales from the Borderlands is the continuation of the Borderlands story, a comical adventure series featuring casts of colourful characters and lots and lots of dark humour.

The violence is still graphic, with blood and gore spewing all over the place. However, the impact of the violence is somewhat reduced by the humour behind it, save for one scene where a group of misfits discover that they've accidentally killed a man they assumed was already dead.

Sexual content is limited, with a few suggestive jokes and references. A lesbian couple is featured in the second episode, with a man commenting on their sex life. A couple of crude sexual jokes throughout the episodes. Language is moderate, with a few S-words here and there.

Drug references are few so far, but that may change in the last episode. Spiritual content continues to be non-existent, but once again, it may change.

All in all, Tales from the Borderlands doesn't exceed its predecessor in terms of content, with suggestive material, gory (yet exaggerated) violence and moderate swearing. Gamers are urged to take caution before buying the game.

Verdict: 16+
For Strong Gory Violence and Crude Humour

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