November 20, 2015

Operation: Get Back Into Gaming (The Challenge)

After weeks of deliberation, planning, soul-searching and all-round nothing-doing, KVR has finally come up with an ingenious plan to complete Operation: Get Back Into Gaming, an covert operation set up a few months ago by one KVR, to attempt and turn the tides against severe burnout, and become an avid gamer once again.

The mission fell apart after a few months of gaming, due to KVR's persistence and obsession over getting his personal life in order, leaving little time for gaming in the wake of all the chaos. However, due to serious mental health issues, KVR has decided that the best course of action, would be to reduce the depression by getting back into gaming, a medium which helped him through serious loneliness, rejection and loss in the past before, in the absence of a proper therapist or medication to counter said depression.

(Please note, that if you're suffering from this mental disorder, the best course of action would be to consult an actual therapist, doctor, psychiatrist or related. Don't sit in the pit just because you want to look "strong". This "operation" is based around getting my life back to where it used to be before my severe depression.) 

This operation will take place over the course of four weeks, with a seperate plan for every individual week. The aforementioned plans are as follows:

Week 1: Get Infatuated 

Instead of just jumping in and grabbing the moose by the antlers (I'm pretty sure that's not a valid expression outside of Canada), KVR will take an indirect approach by taking a look at what got him into gaming in the first place and using it as inspiration for the next step.

Week 2: The Casual Approach

KVR will test the waters with a couple of casual games, whether it be on Facebook, Armor Games or Steam/Origin, to get back into the rhythm of playing a game, even if it isn't as deep and complex as mainstream fare.

Week 3: Shooters! (Alcohol-Free Edition)

With a couple of casual games under his metaphorical belt, KVR will proceed to make the transition to more hardcore fare by playing a couple of loud, bombastic shooter games, a step up from casual games, yet not as deep and intricate as RPGs, RTSs and MMOs. The intensity of said shooters will probably be the catalyst for a leap into more serious gaming, which leads into the final week...

Week 4: The Deep End

Here, KVR will take a huge leap and attempt to complete an RTS, RPG, or even a complex, frustrating puzzle game, in order to fully cement his transition back into serious gaming. The success of the entire operation hinges on this final week, so KVR will have to prepare an entire month in advance for the last big push for the completion of his mission.

A post containing a status report for each week will be posted at the conclusion of said week, detailing the steps taken towards realising this complex, multi-faceted operation. The operation will commence today on the 13th of November. Regular blog posts will continue as follows, except when status reports for this operation need to be posted. 

This is KVR signing out, and wishing you good luck, and happy gaming!

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