October 21, 2015

Skyrim Review Progress Journal 2

Ah, Skyrim...why did I never give you the chance you deserved?

While slow to start, the unraveling fantasy epic that is Skyrim pulls in you in deeper and deeper as one gains new powers and uncovers more secrets as the story progresses.

The exploration can get exhausting if you don't limit yourself. The pacing of the story is entirely up to the player, so if you want to jump head-first into the story and play it to the end, you might be able to do so.

If you want to play a super difficult mission instead of an easy one, you can do that as well. (It's not wise, since you might need to upgrade your character first if you don't plan on doing exactly 379 times in one area.)

The content is getting a bit more sketchy in the spiritual department, with more dark magic themes, necromancy and spellcasting featuring as the game progresses. The reader will have to read my final review for my conclusion on it, but for those who are cautious of spiritual content, this may be a deal-breaker...

Stay tuned for more updates from more reviews cooking over at the KVR Gaming kitchen...

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