October 29, 2015

NetGrab: Top 10 Classic PC Games Not Available Digitally

The fine folks over at PC Gamer put together a list of games which aren't available digitally, in stark contrast to the majority of modern games, which are available on digital retailers like Steam, GOG, and so on.

It's quite important to note that most gamers my age (20-25) grew up in the time where games were shifting towards more online methods of distribution. Gaming shops were still highly popular in my early teens, which slowly changed after the digital craze hit markets in the late 00's.

Steam dominates the gaming market today, with their endless specials, discounts, and collections of video games old and new. However, for those hearkening back to the days of old like myself, it still feels a lot better to get a physical copy of a game you've been looking for instead, where you can smell the case of a new game, read the manual, install things from disc, and even lend the game out to a friend or two if you're so inclined.

Nah. Who needs friends when you got video games? :P*

*Attention people: This is what one calls a joke. All video games and no friends makes gamer a dull boy.

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