October 03, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Progress Journal 3

Hello again everyone! After quite a few delays, I've continued work on The Phantom Pain. My time was unfortunately hamstrung by exams and other issues which required attention in my personal life.

I've also been thinking of new ideas for the blog and to take it into the next stage of it's evolution. This has nothing to do with MGSV, of course, but it is relevant to the blog as a whole, and well, I thought I'd take the time to tell you whilst you were here.

Anyway, about MGSV: Things haven't changed much since the last notification. There was a gruesome scene in a slave warehouse with a lot of blood. (Seriously, the floors were soaked in gore.) Other than that, the content is pretty much standard.

Things may change as we're heading into the third act, with an additional torture scene (and attempted rape) coming up if my research serves accurate.

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