October 29, 2015

NetGrab: Top 10 Classic PC Games Not Available Digitally

The fine folks over at PC Gamer put together a list of games which aren't available digitally, in stark contrast to the majority of modern games, which are available on digital retailers like Steam, GOG, and so on.

It's quite important to note that most gamers my age (20-25) grew up in the time where games were shifting towards more online methods of distribution. Gaming shops were still highly popular in my early teens, which slowly changed after the digital craze hit markets in the late 00's.

Steam dominates the gaming market today, with their endless specials, discounts, and collections of video games old and new. However, for those hearkening back to the days of old like myself, it still feels a lot better to get a physical copy of a game you've been looking for instead, where you can smell the case of a new game, read the manual, install things from disc, and even lend the game out to a friend or two if you're so inclined.

Nah. Who needs friends when you got video games? :P*

*Attention people: This is what one calls a joke. All video games and no friends makes gamer a dull boy.

October 21, 2015

Skyrim Review Progress Journal 2

Ah, Skyrim...why did I never give you the chance you deserved?

While slow to start, the unraveling fantasy epic that is Skyrim pulls in you in deeper and deeper as one gains new powers and uncovers more secrets as the story progresses.

The exploration can get exhausting if you don't limit yourself. The pacing of the story is entirely up to the player, so if you want to jump head-first into the story and play it to the end, you might be able to do so.

If you want to play a super difficult mission instead of an easy one, you can do that as well. (It's not wise, since you might need to upgrade your character first if you don't plan on doing exactly 379 times in one area.)

The content is getting a bit more sketchy in the spiritual department, with more dark magic themes, necromancy and spellcasting featuring as the game progresses. The reader will have to read my final review for my conclusion on it, but for those who are cautious of spiritual content, this may be a deal-breaker...

Stay tuned for more updates from more reviews cooking over at the KVR Gaming kitchen...

October 17, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 98: Farm Frenzy

No no no, we won't be reviewing Facebook games any time soon. The title is an attempt by my tired self to be clever.

I've been working at a grocery store as of recent and been quite busy with work. This is a good thing, as I've been delaying things out of waiting for our business to improve, but finally decided I need to get out there and start working, even if it might not be what I want for now.

This actually may not affect the blog in a significant way, seeing as how little I've been posting as of recent. It may make it better, with less time to waste angsting over personal things and more time to focus on what's important.

So yes, just a quick little update to tell you guys what I've been up to. I hope things still look good on your side. Let me know how you've been, long time no hear. :)

October 16, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Full Review)

Intro: The possible end of a very long saga, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain promises to bring the storyline full circle, and to quite possibly conclude the entire series.

Metal Gear Solid is also known for it's heavy themes throughout the history of the series, and The Phantom Pain is no exception. How bad does the content get? Does the story match up to the series' best?

Let's find out...

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (For Brutal Bloody Violence, Sexual Violence, and Mature Themes.)

Strongest Content: Violence

Recommended Age: 18+

October 06, 2015

Operation Get Back Into Gaming: A Belated Update

Hello everyone! Due to my incredible laziness, I was unable regularly keep posting this series as I would've liked, but nonetheless, I thought I'd jump back in and give you a bit of ye olden update, eh?

As you may know, I've been struggling with a mixture of depression/anxiety, which started about two years ago after we made the big decision to leave a ministry we were part of due to personal and belief-related reasons.

Since then, I've been struggling to find a "place" in life, which lead to a fair amount of depression in late 2013. In 2014, I met a person who entirely changed my life in many ways, some for the better, some for the worse. Much worse, I'm sad to say.

The only good things that came of it was the initial friendship and hard lessons I being mistreated by the person in question. I harbour no feelings of hatred towards them today, but can't pretend that their actions didn't have a profound effect on me.

That's why last year and this year have been a rather rough ride for the blog, as the site is an extension of myself. Whatever I'm feeling in the present day is projected onto the blog, be it subconsciously or not. The depression/anxiety also bled into my general life, and I found myself unable to study properly, unable to write the stories I so dearly desired to write, unable to form comfortable routines, and last not but least, unable to play and enjoy games like I did before.

Thankfully in the past few weeks, after yet another move, things have changed for the better. I've made some uncomfortable yet essential lifestyle changes, which in turn greatly reduced my depression. I still struggle with it from time to time, but nowhere near where it was before.

As such, I've been able to get back into old habits and finish off things which I left hanging. (Like this post right here. Whoa. Meta.) So yes, we'll see how well this goes into the future, but for now, things are actually looking quite good. :)

October 05, 2015

October Special: 4 Year Anniversary + Review Announcement

Hello everyone! As some of you may know (or not know), October 4th marked the blog's four year anniversary. While not the smoothest of roads, KVR Gaming made it this far, going through several name, URL, and format changes, much more than any site of it's reputation should have to go through.

Nevertheless, we're still here and going strong, and will continue trying our best for the future. Starting with a much more manageable review schedule, focusing on the most "important" games of the past two decades.

These games are ranked based on their impact on the gaming world, be they triple-A blockbusters which popularised niche genres, or cult-classics with devout followings, the most monumental of games will find their place in the archives of KVR Gaming.

Articles and Topicals will also be finding a place on the site soon, despite Kyle's rather rough track record with writing said articles and topicals. On the contrary, the previous articles Kyle tried to write were way too serious and way too long for the blog. That's not to say Cyberbullying will never be covered again, it's just that the articles were too long and didn't quite fit in with the blog overall.

Lastly, our review of the month is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was supposed to be last month's feature review, but due to it's insane length and Kyle's busy schedule, we were unable to complete it in time.

Tune in on the 16th of October for the Full Review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

October 04, 2015

Skyrim Review Progress Journal 1

Hello everyone! At long last, after five years' delay* (*give or take four years), I've finally gotten around to starting my long journey to finish the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment. Initially hamstrung by vicious burnout last year, this year saw a huge change in my attitude towards games, for the better.

Let's just say that I had unresolved issues in my personal life (well, I still do), and had to learn how to overcome them. I turned to video games to alleviate my anxiety and depression, but as you can imagine, it didn't really work.

I did make some lifestyle changes as of recent, which did greatly improve my mental state and helped me get back into the swing of reviewing, studying and everythinging. (Yep, just invented a new word. Don't wear it out.)

So that brings me to Skyrim. First impressions are good, and not so good. Quality wise, the game is stellar. There's a huge open world filled with exploring opportunity, an opportunity I wish to fulfill.

Content wise, the game is not that bad if you come from a secular viewpoint. Sure, there's a lot of swordplay, with blood shown as the swords pierce flesh, but otherwise, things are on the level of Pirates of the Caribbean.

From the viewpoint of someone concerned about spiritual content, however, there's a bit more at stake here: Spells to raise the dead to fight for you, spells of hysteria, spells destruction...and so on and so forth.

It's a bit too early in the game to make a solid verdict on the severity of the spiritual content, however, so we'll just have to wait and see.

October 03, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Progress Journal 3

Hello again everyone! After quite a few delays, I've continued work on The Phantom Pain. My time was unfortunately hamstrung by exams and other issues which required attention in my personal life.

I've also been thinking of new ideas for the blog and to take it into the next stage of it's evolution. This has nothing to do with MGSV, of course, but it is relevant to the blog as a whole, and well, I thought I'd take the time to tell you whilst you were here.

Anyway, about MGSV: Things haven't changed much since the last notification. There was a gruesome scene in a slave warehouse with a lot of blood. (Seriously, the floors were soaked in gore.) Other than that, the content is pretty much standard.

Things may change as we're heading into the third act, with an additional torture scene (and attempted rape) coming up if my research serves accurate.