September 16, 2015

MGSV The Phantom Pain: Progress Journal 1

As this game is going to take a while to review in full (delays due to this weird thing called "life" contributing to that), I've decided to make "Progress Journals" leading up to the eventual review posting.

Let's cut to the chase: So far, the violence is quite strong. The game pretty much earned a Mature Gamers Only rating in the first hour of gameplay, due to the brutal violence on display. Spiritual content is also pretty sketchy thus far, but it could change in the later hours due to the "dream-like" quality of the apparitions.

Quality wise, the game is looking very good. The aforementioned brutal first hour is incredibly tense...and incredibly thrilling. The story manages to avoid being convoluted from the get-go and cuts straight to nail-biting suspense.

Let's hope the game manages to keep the tension going up into the later hours of the story.

Random Cookie-Nuggets:

-The Graphics are amazingly beautiful so far. According to the Steam reviews, the game is also quite well optimized, and runs very smoothly on the PC. Good news for members of the "master race" like yours truly. :P

-Kiefer Sutherland has hardly had the chance to shine in the first hour and a half, with only a handful of lines delivered. That's not counting the so-far-so-good motion-capture work, though.

-Best line so far: (Ocelot is talking about kidnapping and recruiting enemy soldiers.) "Make sure to only capture soldiers who aren't actively resisting. Also don't capture dead ones. They don't make good recruits."

You don't say?

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