September 24, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Progress Journal 2

Hello again! Last time we left off, I made a good bit of progress with MGSV. I also made an update to notify you guys of my "important games first, recent games second" rule which will become part of the spine of the blog pretty soon.

Well, MGSV is the exception. I've been waiting quite some time for this new Metal Gear Solid game, and am quite curious to see what's inside the vast conspiracy filled network of intricate plotlines.

Violence wise, things are actually pretty mild in the gameplay. The walkthrough I'm watching actually had mostly non-lethal takedowns and relatively little kills. This is good news for those wanting to cut down on violence in an otherwise edgy game, although this might change soon enough.

Sexuality wise, the game got a bit more explicit, with the character Quiet providing definite fanservice. The justification for said fanservice is quite laughable, sad to say, but thankfully it doesn't fill the entire game. Nevertheless, as Quiet is a pretty useful character, and MGSV is a long game, expect to see a lot of fanservice throughout the game.

Spiritual content wise, nothing has changed, although I'm still looking to see if things get worse as the game progresses.

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