September 06, 2015

KVR Update 96: Do Me A "Solid", Won't Ya?

I'm going to assume for all intents and purposes that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an extremely As such, I might not make my middle-of-every-month deadline this time around, and won't try to rush things either.

It's kinda hard to choose an incredibly popular game once a month and review it in a timely fashion, and also ensuring that it's actually relevant. As such, I've decided that I should start actively taking review requests.

I recently got a review request for Far Cry 4. (Rest assured, I'm still keeping it in mind; just haven't found the time yet.) I like getting review requests, so I've decided to add a specific page for those who want to request reviews. See the new tab? Yep.

So yes, in conclusion: I am working on the MGSV review. It's just going to take a little time due to the extraordinary length of said game. Feel free to request other games for me to review in the meantime, and I can attempt to fill the space for you guys.

Stay tuned...

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