September 21, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 97: Ola Amigos

Greetings and manners out of the way, I've got two things I need to get out there first:

1. I'm still working on my MGSV The Phantom Pain review. It's still coming, it's just taking a while.

2. Games are going to reviewed on order of importance, instead of the default game journalistic position of reviewing games based on their recent release dates. I've made this rule before, but now I'm going to be enforcing it more actively.

2a. This rule is overturned if I'm able to secure a copy of the game, be it a review copy or one I bought for my own personal pleasure, this rule may be crossed out. Otherwise, the most important games are reviewed.

2b. This rule is also overturned if I have a strong desire to review a recently released game.

This is a very unorthodox move on my part, but it's essential in ensuring the survival of the website. There are too many pressures in my life for me to deal with the pressure of constantly reviewing, so I'm going to detach myself from the changes and crazy movements of gaming culture and view from an external perspective.

Basically, my vision for the blog is for it to be an "outside-in" view at the vast world of gaming. You can call it "Counter-Culture-Gaming", where games are played, reviewed, and discussed at length, regardless of their individual release date. All games are treated as equal.

3. If I'm able to secure more staff reviewers, then I'll be able to start reviewing the most recent games again. This rule is just a temporary fix for a present problem to ensure you still get awesome game reviews and content guides, and don't have to worry about this ever stopping.

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