June 28, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 92: Wroke

Hello everyone. Due to work and drama outside of the blog (some of which threatening to shut it down, against my will nonetheless), I've decided to minimise my E3 articles to the "big three" each year.

While I would've liked to cover all the press conferences, I don't have the man-power nor the time to do so. So there will be one more Press Conference Review, and that's it for this year.

Otherwise, I've decided that Batman Arkham Knight will be my Major "Review" of the month. Tune in the middle of July for the Content Guide and KVR Review.

I'm also working on finishing up another review I've long since been neglecting to my fever and work schedule. I hope to have it up before the Batman Arkham Knight one.

Last, but certainly not least, my Cyberbullying article will be up later today. Don't forget to tune in for that. 

Thanks guys. I'll see you again soon with more reviews, articles, and news right here on KVR Gaming!

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