June 22, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 90: Last Schedule Change

Hello everyone. After much deliberation and soul-searching, I've finally figured out what my major problem with the blog is: An insanely strict schedule.

I've been cutting down and approaching matters much more organically in my personal life and studies outside of the blog, so it was difficult to adapt to the time-based schedule of KVR Gaming when I got home.

What stopped me from doing this previously was a commitment to constantly giving you guys new reviews and articles. However, I've been cutting corners and pushing out half-baked content because of a crazy busy life outside of the website, so this decision is one I made to help the blog survive...AND keep making great content.

One thing that will be constant is my date for big name reviews. I want to note that this is reviews of MAJOR games, or just otherwise significant games with lots of content to discuss. However, instead of a rigid weekly schedule, I've decided upon a specific date each month for featured reviews:

The 16th of Each Month: Major Reviews of Major Games

Please note that this is not set in stone and may change if anything comes up during the month. I've been neglecting my life outside the blog and need to get things in order, so I may not always be able to hit my deadlines.

I also plan on having a steady stream of articles posted of any length on the blog, whether it be once a week or every day, be it sharing a cool trailer, a funny pic, or taking a look back at my life of being a gamer, anything is possible now that I've broken free of my self-inflicted rigid schedule.

Before I close off this update, I just want to note that my Cyberbullying articles will still be posted, I just want to spend a bit more time on the next article in order to add some more information before I post it.

Thanks for your support my loyal fans. I hope you guys will be excited by what's to come. Cheers!

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