June 10, 2015

Giants Citizen Kabuto (Content Guide)

Intro: As a bit of a breather from the main reviews, I've decided to take a decade-and-a-half jump back in time to take a look at the cult classic Giants: Citizen Kabuto, one of the games from my childhood.


Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Caution Advised (For Stark Bloody Violence and Some Suggestive Content)

Recommended Age: 16+

Strongest Content: Violence/Sex/Nudity

Content Guide:


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Explicit X-Rated

--Several different creatures are featured in the storyline, wielding a wide variety of weapons and techniques to annihilate other creatures: (7)

-Kabuto is a giant humanoid with a fierce temper and hunger almost as fierce; he can stomp on the ground, sending his enemies flying, step on smaller creatures, causing them to splatter into blood, or eat them, by putting the creature into his mouth and chomping down, the creature exploding into a squib of blood.

He can call upon his offspring, ordering them to attack enemies, which they do by biting on them and shaking them around, causing them to burst into blood. They can also be killed by being shot in the abdomen, bursts of blood being shown before they finally collapse. 

Kabuto himself can be killed by being shot in his green "weak spot", located just above his crotch area, with sprays of blood before he finally clutches his groin, falling over dead.

-Sea Reapers are a playable race of blue humanoids, who can fire explosive arrows, causing enemies to explode into splatters of blood. They can also cut enemies with their swords, blood splattering as the enemies explode.

-Meccs are playable characters; they can be blown apart with torsos, legs, and arms bouncing around with large amounts of blood and gore being shown. When they die, screams of pain are heard.

-Reapers are humanoid aliens. They can have their heads blown off, bloodlessly, and blood sprays out when they get shot. When killed, they can be shot again, exploding into a splatter of blood.

-Smarties are "adorable" dwarf-like creatures which can be killed: They scream and whimper in pain when shot, with blood spraying, before finally collapsing with a shrill cry of pain.

-Smarties and Meccs can be eaten by piranhas; we see the piranhas bite and tear, with crunching and screams of pain heard as blood oozes out in the water. 

-Rippers are monstrous creatures, which explode into bloody pieces when killed, with a crunch and a splat being heard. 

-After being killed, creatures appear out of the ground and devour corpses very quickly, with lots of blood splattering. 

--A humanoid is shot several times, most of it off-screen; we briefly see large amounts of blood bursting from his chest, squishing heard. (7)

--A "Smartie" is shown after a building has been blown up; his arm and right side of his face has been blown off, lots of blood shown on the side of his face and a large amount of blood pooling beneath him. Part of his brain is visible through a gory head wound. (7)

--A character is eaten by a large monster; we see the monster put him in its mouth, and hear a crunch. This is bloodless. (5)

Context of Violence: Cartoony, Darkly Humourous


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Explicit X-Rated

--A woman is shown to wear a bathing suit for the entirety of the game, exposing her cleavage, legs, thighs and midriff. At certain points, we can clearly see her buttocks through her bathing gown. (Additionally: The camera angles are oddly positioned to give her chest and backside prominence.) (5)

--A man is referred to as having "Testicular Difficulties", and he mentions that his "B**ls are saggy". Later on, a man tries to translate a language, but ends up saying that a group of people must run with their "genitalia" exposed, clearly an translation error. (5)

--It is mentioned that a "woman" had an adulterous affair with a "man". She mentions that they spent the entire day together in a bush, and later on we see an exaggerated kiss between the two of them. (4)

--A location is called "The Codpiece Hills", and the stage where it appears is called "Hunger in The Codpiece Hills". (4)

--Two male characters are shown holding hands at one point. They act embarrassed when spotted. This is a rather bizarre and abrupt moment. (3)

Context of Sex/Nudity: Comedy, Fanservice


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Explicit X-Rated

Uses of B**t**d, A*s, B**ls, Bl**dy, H**l, D**n. Several censored uses of the F-word, although at one point it can be clearly heard through the "Bleep".

-God's name is used in vain.

Context of Language: Comedy

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Explicit X-Rated

--Magic is featured in the game; Players take on the role of a woman, who is able to cast several kind of magic spells, such as fire, invisibility, and destruction. When she kills enemies, she consumes their souls, depicted as ghostly ribbons of light. She can consume souls of "Vimps" (cow-like creatures) and use them to power a "Persuader" to force her workers to construct buildings and defences for her, which also use magic in the process.

Other spells allow players to hypnotise creatures into following you, opening circular portals surrounded with writing in a mysterious esoteric language, and so on. (6)

-A character uses a sacred stone to transform themselves into a monster late in the game.

-A variety of enemies is a sorceress, a woman who's part human, part bee. They are able to slow down time, fire arrows, and throw fireballs at you.

-A creature is shown levitating in the Lotus position.

-A reference to the "Four Elements" in New Age.

Context of Spiritual Content: Fantasy, New Age, White Magic


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Explicit X-Rated

--In one scene, a character has a "pint" at a bar. Players can also build a base, the central structure of which is a pub. Smarties gather here, drinking several pints of beer. (5)

Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Comedy

Gross Stuff:

--A woman throws up off-screen; we hear graphic sound effects. (4)

Scary Stuff/Emotional Scenes:

--The "Sacrifice" scene late in the Mecc campaign is very tense and somewhat sad. (4)


--A "man" is shown to only care for his wife as long as she cooks him food. (4)


Abysmal Sketchy Average Good Heroic

A lot of the morality is based around trying to thwart evil, and it clearly draws the line between good and bad. Some cruelty is displayed in the process though, especially in regards to the executions of evil characters.

Morality Type: Black and White


Giants: Citizen Kabuto, a relatively obscure game released in 2000, has a strange cult-game vibe with a bizarre mixture of stark violence and dark humour. One might be highly surprised by the brutality of this game at times, particularly in the Mecc campaign.

The violence is bloody; enemies explode into huge splatters of blood when killed, creatures are eaten, dismembered and otherwise brutalised in a variety of cruel ways. Most of the violence is portrayed with a humourous edge, but some sequences are effectively brutal, especially when depicting the deaths of two major characters.

Giants also contains some suggestive content, with the character of Delphi wearing a bathing suit for the majority of the game, the camera situated at suspiciously low angles to give her breasts and buttocks prominence. Sexual jokes are infrequently thrown at characters, as well as some homoerotic undertones with two male characters.

Language is strong, although not very frequent and mostly limited to British swear words. God's name is used in vain a few times, and characters cuss at each other in frustration. The language is done to accentuate dramatic scenes, making it stand out even more.

Spiritual content is notable, featuring some vaguely New Age undertones and dark fantasy-esque magic in the storyline. The character of Delphi is required to use spells and magic, and consumes the souls of the dead to power her "base" in certain levels.

All in all, the content is a bit too brutal for a Teenage Gamers rating, featuring stark moments of violence and some suggestive content, although the latter might still have resulted in a T verdict if not for the violence.

KVR Gaming gives Giants: Citizen Kabuto a rating of Caution Advised for Stark Bloody Violence and Some Suggestive Content.

Verdict: 16+

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