May 24, 2015

KVR Gaming Feature: The Effects of Cyberbullying

Hello again, everyone. Last time, we had a very superficial overview of cyberbullying, one which only scratched the surface of this rather horrific subject.

I want to go over a few effects of cyberbullying. As I was heavily upset upon reading the stories of teenagers killing themselves after being harassed online, this article will not feature those stories, and instead focus on the general effects of cyberbullying.

Here are a few points to recognise if you or your child have been bullied, online or offline:

1. Low-Self Esteem: Being degraded has this effect on the human mind. Teenagers are already lacking in self-confidence as it is, so being bullied (especially online) leads to even more issues with self-esteem.

2. Disruption of Sleeping Patterns: In my own limited experience with cyberbullying and personal attacks, it's rather hard to fall asleep when hurtful remarks are still drifting around in your subconscious. If you/your child have frequent problems with insomnia, this is to be noted.

3. Increased Irritability/Anger: This comes from personal experience. Being degraded and "torn down" leads to aggressive episodes, as well as making you far more easily agitated when in certain situations.

4. Loss of Interest in Normal Activities: This most likely results from the next point. Victims are far less likely to engage in social events and find themselves withdrawing from society more often than usual. They also stop finding enjoyment in what they previously loved to do.

5. Onset of Anxiety/Depression: Probably the worst effect of cyberbullying is the resulting depression. Depression is widely misunderstood as it is, so this makes it incredibly hard for victims to speak up and eventually deal with their issues.

6. Countless More: There are so many issues related to cyberbullying that it's kind of hard to narrow everything down. One only needs to know that this is severe to grasp the dangers of this practice.

That's it for this week. I know this was a rather short post, but I hope it was informative enough to show you the effects of cyberbullying. 

Tune in next week where I give some solutions to this epidemic. It's not something one can ever hope to eradicate, yet we are able to significantly reduce it.

Until next week. Stay safe, and happy gaming!

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