April 20, 2015

KVR Gaming Update 82: Another Day, Another Pancake Mixed With Brown Sugar and Three Spoonfuls of Honey Syrup

Hello again everyone! Hot on the heels of my decision to start reviewing again every week, I've changed the structure of said reviews up a bit. 

Instead of trying to cram a review in at the end of a potentially long Content Rundown, or "Parent's Guide" as we'll start calling them, effective this week, I will separate the Parent's Guide and Review, posting the former on Wednesday and the latter on Friday. 

Repeat: Parent's Guide on Wednesday, Review on Friday. Unless the Parent's Guide is based on a video walkthrough and not on my own playthrough, then reviews will not be posted. I'll still have to figure something out in this event.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear: The Parent's Guide will be useful for ANYONE who wants to know about the content in a game, not just parents. The reason why we call it a Parent's Guide now, is because our main audience will be parents, and secondly gamers.

As a result, Parent's Guides will also be a lot more formal than these updates and the reviews. No, I'm not talking about "Those EULAs Which Everyone Always Skips Over" level of formal, but still some level of seriousness to provide parents with clear and concise detail.

Reviews will still be a part of this site, and I'll still be here to make cheesy jokes and engage in conversation with my loyal followers. If all goes well, I'll be able to do so more than usual.  

This is exciting news for the site, and for me as well, as we finally have a clear vision for the future. I look forward to all of our future adventures!

Now where did I put that blessed pancake...?

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