April 22, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Content Guide

Intro: Battlefield Hardline, the newest spin-off in the eponymous Military Combat series, moves away from the battlefront and into urban environments, focusing on police investigations and criminal activities, involving bank heists, robberies, drug trafficking, and murder.

Battlefield Hardline is strong on the violence and language fronts, with blood and gun violence shown frequently. Characters utter profanities at other characters, or use them as exclamations. Jesus' name is also taken in vain.

Drugs are also featured quite heavily in the story, with drug usage (which the writer didn't come across), and countless references to cocaine and other drugs.

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Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Caution Advised (For Bloody Violence, Drug Usage and Frequent Strong Language)

Recommended Age: 16+

Most Graphic Content: Language/Violence

Content Guide:

Potentially Upsetting Material:

--While most of the game is standard shooter fair, the brutal execution near the end of the game, where a man is executed rather suddenly, may be a bit upsetting due to it's graphic content and cruelty of the act. (6)


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Extreme Offensive

General Violence:

--Players can fire upon criminals or cops; blood splashes through the air and splatters across the environment, cries of pain are heard, and the victim spasms and convulses with the impact of bullets. Blood pools are seen forming beneath fallen enemies.

The gunplay is depicted with intensity; sudden sound effects, intense screen shaking and environmental destruction are shown. (7)

--Players can use explosives, such as grenades and rockets, to demolish vehicles, structures and enemies; large explosions are depicted, sending characters flying, destroying the environment and strewing wreckage across the surrounding area. (7)

--Vehicular combat is portrayed; high speed pursuit chases are featured in the game, with cars crashing into each other, being sent end over end and slamming down in a huge display of wreckage and car parts, and vehicles are destroyed in explosions, wreckage and debris flying everywhere across the surrounding area. (6)

--Players can perform takedowns on foes, with batons and other blunt objects; a crunch is heard, blood spurts out, and they collapse, falling unconscious. (6)

Storyline Violence:

--We see the rotting corpse of a man strapped to a wooden pole suspended over water, his legs having been bitten/sawed off some time ago. Blood stains his face and leg stumps, as well as the area leading up to his eventual resting place, implying his legs were severed and that he was dragged to the area in question.

We see flies swarming around his body, and a nearby character reacts in disgust at the sight. (8)

--A man triggers an explosive, and is knocked over in the blast. Afterwards, we see that his face is bruised and lacerated, blood running down his cheeks and pouring out of his nose. (8)

--A man is shot in the heart; we see huge burst of blood splattering all over the window behind him, running down the glass realistically. The man groans in pain as his body becomes soaked in blood. (7)

--An alligator lunges at a man, who desperately fights to keep its gaping jaw away from him, but he is saved after another character stabs it through the head: We see the knife piercing through the alligator's flesh, blood spurting out over the camera, and leaking down the alligator's jaw. (7)

--From a first-person perspective, your character, hands restrained by handcuffs, grabs a man and strangles him with said handcuffs; the man struggles intensely, knocking a toolbox over and rolling around before finally expiring, his eyes rolling up into his head. This scene is shown for quite some time. (7)

--A character is shot, a bullet piercing their shoulder with a burst of blood and gore splattering over the environment. A man rushes to the character's aid, putting pressure on the wound, which soaks the wounded character's clothes and the man's hands with blood.

For the duration of the scene, the wounded character attempts to stay awake, with the man yelling at them and applying more pressure on the wound. (7)

--A character punches, kicks, and slaps a man, before eventually picking up a metal trash can, and smacking him several more times, with blood squirting out and staining the floor. (6)

--Two people, who are suspended from cables, are snagged by a helicopter, which spirals out of control, sending them spiraling all around a city until the helicopter finally crashes in an enormous ball of flames and wreckage. The scene is played somewhat humourously. (6)

--A speeding vehicle closes in on a bus. The man inside reaches in his pocket to reveal an explosive, which he throws underneath the bus. From inside the bus, we see a flash of orange, and wreckage flying, as the explosion goes off. 

Afterwards, we see flames swarming out of the remains of the bus, and blood and bruises on the surrounding characters. (5)

Context of Violence: Shock Value


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Extreme Offensive

--We see an advertisement for lingerie, showing a woman stripped down to her underwear. (5)

--A man asks: "When do the w**res arrive?" Another man replies that he should call them "sex workers" instead. Later on, a man remarks that if the "girls" aren't "here soon, I'll send a couple guys to you instead." (5)

--We see a magazine with the words "sexy" on it, showing a woman posing on the cover. Not very suggestive. (4)

--A man remarks: "I'm not sure how I feel about naked women holding axes." (4)

Context of Sex/Nudity: Fanservice, References


Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Extreme Offensive

Frequent Uses of F**k, S**t, Wh**e, T*t, D***he, B**ch, Tw*t, B**t**d, A*s, P**s, C**p, H**l, D**n, and racial slurs like "cr**ker". An obscene gesture is flashed at a character.

-God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Context of Language: Shock Value, Comedy, Realism, Justified?

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Intense Extreme Offensive

--We see a photo of a man with "devil horns" drawn on the sides of his head. (2)

Context of Spiritual Content: Imagery


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

As this is a police story, substance abuse and drug trafficking both play a huge part in the story: 

--A few characters are shown snorting cocaine. We see a cake of cocaine standing on a table, lines of "hits" lined up, implying someone was snorting the drug a short while ago. (8)

-One of the cases the player is tasked with investigating relates to drug trafficking; the icon of said case depicts a police badge being injected with a syringe, stated to be liquid cocaine. 

-A couple of characters try to transport cocaine over train tracks. The train in question hurtles towards the characters, eventually smashing into the stacks of cocaine. Afterwards, they are covered in cocaine.

-A man talks about "coked-up psychopaths" heading up to kill a man.

--A few characters smoke weed. We hear several references to "weed", and see weed plants within a greenhouse. A man remarks something about "smoking and eating them". (6)

--In one mission, players are tasked with finding and tagging drug bales for tracking purposes. (5)

--We see several beer and liquor bottles scattered throughout certain environments. (5) 

--Two men have an argument about who stole the one man's beer, and the other man retorts that he should drink whiskey instead. (3)

Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Justified

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--We see a man skinning a couple of rabbits, a huge amount of organs strewn across the floor and a large pool of gore. (6)

--A man awkwardly states that another man is "taking a s**t". (4)

Scary Stuff/Intense Scenes:

--An alligator lunges out of a swamp and tries to kill a man; this scene is sudden and intense. (5)


--A character laughs about a young woman losing her hand in an accident involving a boat, her friends trying to find her hand in the water, and a tiger swimming into the water and "messing things up". (5)

--A conniving man snarks that another man looks Mexican, so he's probably a "burglar". (5)

--A man calls two men "t*t wizards" and threatens to "chop off their heads and p**s down their necks!" (5)

--A woman calls a man she hates a "wang". (5)

--We hear a few racists talking about "Mexicans" and "hippies", although it doesn't go into much detail. (4)

--A man talks about seeing "pit bulls with their throats slashed." (4)


Abysmal Bad So-So Okay Good Very Good

Players are able to play as both sides of the law, each with their own morals and vices. Cops are shown to be honourable in some circumstances, but corrupt and untrustworthy in others. Criminals are, well, breaking the law, but are shown to have honourable relationships with their friends. 

However, when looking at it from an objective perspective, it's pretty easy to see who the good guys and the bad guys are.

Morality Type: Life of Crime, Black and White


With the bulk of content out of the way, let's conclude:

Violence: While strong, the most graphic moments are brief and not focused on for long. Gruesome injuries are shown, but not treated in an indulgent fashion. A character is executed near the end of the game, which is actually as bad as the violence gets, but this is due to the moral line crossed by the killer of said character.

Sex/Nudity: A few references to "sex  workers" and some ads for lingerie/swimwear.

Language: Probably the biggest offender outside of violence. The F-word is spewed like hot stew. About 50-75 F-bombs in total (in the single-player campaign). Other, milder profanities are also uttered. Jesus' name is taken in vain a couple of times.

Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Drugs pervade the entire game. Characters smoke cigarettes and marijuana, as well as snort cocaine. Battlefield Hardline is not a "Drug-Free" zone. However, the drug usage is always portrayed as bad and never glorified.

Morality: Police corruption, criminal activities and related are portrayed. Players partake in both during the game's twisting story. However, the morality is pretty black-and-white in the grand scheme of things. The line between good and evil is never blurred.

KVR Notes: An average shooter for the most part, save for more drug references than usual.

Anyway, as you can clearly infer from the content, this game isn't too bad, but the violence, language and drug references are too strong for teenage gamers, so this rating is a bit higher, but not, "high"? 

Yeah, that was awful. Don't do drugs, kids. Seriously. Drugs are bad.

Verdict: 16+
For Bloody Violence, Drug Usage and Frequent Strong Language

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