March 22, 2015

Weak (Seether) - Song Review

The art of grunge...

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Album: Seether 2002-2013

Artist: Seether

Release Date: November 2013

Genre: Post-Grunge, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal

Verdict: 16+ (For An Aggressive Tone and Mature Themes)



--The Lyric Video has allusions to violence, with blood splattering on the screen and red liquids flowing through water.

-A few verbal references to emotional pain. "When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain."

Mature Lyrics: 

-The entire song is about a man who gave everything to a person, yet they gave nothing in return, so he decides to "invest in himself", tells the other person to keep their "opinions" and "observations" to "yourself", that they should give him a reason so that he can "shut them out", they should "let him go", and that he just wants to be "alone now".

-The narrator describes his emotional pain, with his "dreams all turning out the same", "bleeding" to relieve someone else of their "pain", and that he "can't believe" they wouldn't let him "do the same".

Mood: Aggressive Downbeat
Review of Song:

We've all helped someone who didn't appreciate our efforts at one point during our lives. Heck, we may have done it more than once. But some people give their entire lives away, and not with as much as an acknowledging nod to praise their efforts.

Weak by Seether is a powerful song. That much is clear from a musical standpoint, starting off with a few simple guitar riffs being overtaken by thundering electronic guitars occupying most of the song's sound-scape until the bitter, climactic end.

But it's not just the music that's powerful: The lyrics are bitter, vengeful, aggressive, yet painfully honest and emotional, laying a tortured heart bare for all to hear. One can only imagine what kind of thankless pain lead singer Shaun Morgan had to endure at one point during his life to make this song possible.

Whatever it was, it spills out here in clear detail, making for an excellent and masterful grunge tune which needs a whole lot more recognition. Powerful stuff.

Final Thoughts:

This may just be the heaviest song I've reviewed. With that, a word of caution: If you have issues with aggression, be very careful of listening to this song. If you are currently experiencing relationship/friendship problems and it's leaving you feeling raw and bitter, this may be the tipping point for you and as such, it would be an unwise decision to listen to this song.

Personally, this song didn't trigger anything negative in me, even though I can relate to it on a fundamental level, having been in a very similar place myself. The aggressive tone makes for a surprisingly effective outlet for frustrations and anger.

After all, music is about the deepest place for people to connect through making (and listening to) art. Music is about the subconscious, and as such, while it may not make sense to your head initially, your emotions will eventually show you the true reason for your connection to any song you find deep and meaningful.

If you're mature enough to handle a hard-hitting song, do give this song a listen. It's raw, it's thundering with emotion, and most of all, it shows the very real human emotion of wanting acceptance in a pure, unrestrained way.

Age Restriction:
For An Aggressive Tone and Mature Themes

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