March 01, 2015

Love Me Again (John Newman) - Song Review

"I need to know now, know now, can you love me again?"


Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Album: Tribute

Artist: John Newman

Release Date: May 2013

Genre: Pop, Breakbeat, Northern Soul

Verdict: 12+ (For Themes Involving a Breakup



--At the end of the music video, a car suddenly hits the two lovers. (The video smash cuts to black before the impact, which we hear.)

Sexual Content/Nudity:

--A man and a woman kiss passionately.

Mature Lyrics: 

--Lyrics about giving someone a second chance in the world of romance, implying a prior breakup. The man seems really desperate to rekindle the relationship, which comes through in his "earnest" tone.

Mood: Upbeat

Despite being about a breakup, this song is surprisingly upbeat, only vaguely melancholy (if you're in a really bad mood, that is), but overall quite groovy and a surprisingly joyful tune given its subject matter.
Review of Song:

With a name like "John Newman" and a song title like "Love Me Again", it's hard not to have certain expectations going into this song. My first thought is that it would be a freaking depressing song in the vein of Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man or just about any love song about unrequited love, breakups

Thankfully, John Newman performs the ultimate meta version of a roundhouse kick to the face, giving us a groovy song to breakdance a breakup away. Or something to that effect.

Featured at the end of the criminally underrated Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise's nose, Love Me Again's surprisingly upbeat groove caught my attention from the first few bars of that epic piano.

Splashed with colourful touches of the Northern Soul and Breakbeat genres, and with subtle jazz undertones, this is a tune worth listening to.

Final Thoughts:

There's little of concern here. While the theme of a breakup may be too mature for younger listeners (I'd hope), the song is very upbeat and not depressing in the slightest.

Well, except for the music video, which ends on a rather abrupt and shocking note for no discernible reason whatsoever.

All in all, this is a song worth listening to, and should not trigger any negative emotions.

Age Restriction:
For Themes Involving a Breakup


Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie. Seriously. Check it out guys. In any case, I hope you enjoyed another review presented by the great, mighty and all-knowing Lyriticus.

I'll see you again next week with some more reviews and similar and so on and so forth and...yeah.

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