March 09, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 77: Fog

Hello again my good peoples! How are you? First off, let me apologise for the slightly muted tone of the last few weeks. I've become quite frustrated outside of the blog due to some personal issues I'm not ready to discuss.

Let's just say that this is having a severe effect on my blog in ways it should not, as I may have mentioned before. However, I won't let this affect it too severely. I'm currently working on two separate reviews/Content Rundowns.

I decided to keep them secret instead, as I have let slip in the past what I'm working on and never got around to finishing it. Fallout 3's long overdue review in particular.

However, I'm sticking to "important" games for now, and I decided to focus my attention on a highly influential and acclaimed Japanese game, which may be another great review for the site.

I'll give you a one-word hint. It's in the title. Yep.

The other one is an epicly long RPG I've taken a huge liking to quite recently. (Not Fallout 3, unfortunately.) Expect more news soonish.

Have a great week, and God bless. :)

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