February 21, 2015

Spanish Sahara (Foals) - Song Review

Hello everyone! Very sorry for the long delay in making a new review. Had some struggles with a depression and have searched high and low for a solution, but finally figured out that the best solution, is creativity.

As such, I'm back to reviewing, starting off with a cool little band called Foals which I recently discovered. I'll keep these reviews short and informative. 


Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Album: Total Life Forever

Artist: Foals 

Release Date: April/September 2010

Genre: Progressive Rock

Verdict: 13+ (For Thematic Elements)



--A slight implication in the lyrics that someone is dying, although this is debatable. A few mentions of someone having "furies", implying hatred/bitterness.

--(Video Only) A man pulls a dead pig, stuffed inside a large plastic bag, out of water and drags it up a mountain, somewhat roughly. He picks up another bag with a pig stuffed in it, and sets both on fire, the carcasses burning up and becoming charred. This is shown in detail.


--A use of "God d**n".

Spiritual Elements:

--A man says that he is a "ghost" in the back of a person's head, and other lyrics suggest that he could be an actual ghost.

--(Video Only) The burning of the pigs could be seen as some kind of offering to a god or similar, but this is unclear.

Mature Lyrics:

--Several mentions of leaving "the horror" behind, implying a past of a suffering.

Mood: (Melancholy)

The mood of the song (and the video) is noticeably moody and somewhat sad, reflecting upon past tragedies and bad events. It's not depressing, per se, but it can be a downer song for some.

Review of Song:

Foals. Just, Foals. Whoever had the bright idea of making their band's name that of an immature horse's, should be highly congratulated, because without such a unique title, I would never have discovered this band.

Moody, edgy and brooding, Spanish Sahara is a song about reflecting upon the not-always-stellar past, and the "ghosts" that haunt us from long ago. Slightly surreal, yet deep and thoughtful, Spanish Sahara is worth mulling over.

The song starts off soft, gets slightly heavier as it goes on, before ending on yet another peaceful (yet melancholy) note, in a manner reminiscent of Coldplay's The Scientist.

While it may be too soft for entertainment seekers, for those in need of deeper listening material, Spanish Sahara is worth at least one listen.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned before, Spanish Sahara is not a depressing song, but it could be for some people. Music is the most subjective art form in the world, after all, so what one finds uplifting might be another person's emotional undoing.

However, I will say that it's a thoughtful piece and it might not be too melancholy to listen to. The burning of the pigs could upset animal lovers, but that's limited to the video and not the audio.

Age Restriction: 13+
For Thematic Elements


There you go! I know this is a bit short, and I can't work based on a schedule, unfortunately, but I do hope to post reviews quite often, adding some TV Show episodes into the mix as well.

Until next time! Au revoir! :)

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