February 16, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 75: Time

Hello everyone. Due to some events outside of the blog, I've made the decision to delay all Content Rundowns and Reviews until next month. This might be a bit abrupt, but there is a good reason for the delay.

I hope to have several Reviews/Content Rundowns ready for you guys once we get back to posting in March. I'm currently edging towards a Content Rundown for Duke Nukem Forever, but I'm also working on a review for Anachronox and Mass Effect 2. (Along with some other people.)

We'll keep up the investigative game reviews, aiming to review even more controversial/important games in the future. Feel free to suggest some for me in the comments below. You'll have plenty of time, after all. :P

Apologies for the delays, once again, but I hope you guys have a good month, and we'll see you again in March. Cheers. :)

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