February 23, 2015

"Viva la Vida" (Coldplay) - Song Review

Hello again, Lyriticites! (Yeah, that's you. The fans. Yep.) In today's short and sweet little review, I'll take a look at Britpop band Coldplay's signature song, Viva la Vida, and give you the down-low and the far-wide on it's quality and content...

...Punk! ;)

Reviewed By: Kyle van Rensburg (Head Writer)

Album: Viva la Vida or Death and All of His Friends

Artist: Coldplay

Release Date: May 2008

Genre: Baroque Pop

Lyrical Verdict: Rated 12+ for Mature Themes


--Some lyrics refer to pending violence and war ("Revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate"), going with the "revolution" theme of the entire album. 

-A fallen king reminisces about how he used to induce fear in his "enemies' eyes." 

-A passing reference to a sword.

Spiritual Elements:

-References to Saint Peter turning away the main character from Heaven (a reference to eternal damnation), Pillars of Sand/Salt which are references to a parable spoken by Jesus and the latter being the fate of Lot's wife, the "head on a silver plate" refers to the death of John the Baptist, and finally, we hear a reference to missionaries in a "foreign field."

Mood: Emotionally Upbeat 

The song is a very cheerful and instantly uplifting dance song, in spite of the melancholy nature and "lonely" ending, which refer to losing your kingdom (literally and figuratively) and being alone in the world, which anybody can relate to in some way or another.

Mature Lyrics:

-I used to rule the world/Seas would rise when I gave the word/Now in the morning I sleep alone/Sweep the streets I used to own...

-Revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate/Just a puppet on a lonely string/Oh, who would ever wanna be king?

The Lyritical Analysis:

The song contains references to a fallen king and a passing reference to a mirror. This song doesn't really contain any mind control references, although the music video has a "brooding insanity" feel to it going by the way the singer acts in the video.

The music video is also covered in a cracked texture, but that's only intended to evoke a feeling of "age", giving the song a texture like an old painting. The song ends with the band starting to dissolve into rose petals and vines. 

According to an obscure site known as Wikipedia, "Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty." The song opens with a rose opening and falling apart, symbolising how all things eventually fall apart, like the kingdom referenced in the song, and even romance.

Review of Song:

The song opens with bright, enthusiastic violin chords, to make for an unforgettable opening. Even if you don't know the rest of the song, the first few chords are instantly recognisable from just about anywhere.

The triumphant nature of the song never fails to amaze, delivering an ironically uplifting tune about the fall of a kingdom, and the ruler thereof. Chris Martin's lyrics beam with passion, delivering one of his best vocal performances in Coldplay's history.

Almost six years on, Viva la Vida remains a classic song, and will remain one for years to come. (If you want to enjoy the song to it's fullest, watch the live concert versions. The energy of the crowd and the band are unbelievable.)

Age Restriction: 12+
For Mature Themes


Album review? Heh, that won't happen for a while. I still have several other bands, songs, and movies I need to get to. But I hope you enjoyed this short review of the classic song. I will see you peoplez againz soonz yoz!

(Ugh, I'm never typing such a grammatically offensive sentence ever again. Ever!)

February 21, 2015

Spanish Sahara (Foals) - Song Review

Hello everyone! Very sorry for the long delay in making a new review. Had some struggles with a depression and have searched high and low for a solution, but finally figured out that the best solution, is creativity.

As such, I'm back to reviewing, starting off with a cool little band called Foals which I recently discovered. I'll keep these reviews short and informative. 


Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Album: Total Life Forever

Artist: Foals 

Release Date: April/September 2010

Genre: Progressive Rock

Verdict: 13+ (For Thematic Elements)



--A slight implication in the lyrics that someone is dying, although this is debatable. A few mentions of someone having "furies", implying hatred/bitterness.

--(Video Only) A man pulls a dead pig, stuffed inside a large plastic bag, out of water and drags it up a mountain, somewhat roughly. He picks up another bag with a pig stuffed in it, and sets both on fire, the carcasses burning up and becoming charred. This is shown in detail.


--A use of "God d**n".

Spiritual Elements:

--A man says that he is a "ghost" in the back of a person's head, and other lyrics suggest that he could be an actual ghost.

--(Video Only) The burning of the pigs could be seen as some kind of offering to a god or similar, but this is unclear.

Mature Lyrics:

--Several mentions of leaving "the horror" behind, implying a past of a suffering.

Mood: (Melancholy)

The mood of the song (and the video) is noticeably moody and somewhat sad, reflecting upon past tragedies and bad events. It's not depressing, per se, but it can be a downer song for some.

Review of Song:

Foals. Just, Foals. Whoever had the bright idea of making their band's name that of an immature horse's, should be highly congratulated, because without such a unique title, I would never have discovered this band.

Moody, edgy and brooding, Spanish Sahara is a song about reflecting upon the not-always-stellar past, and the "ghosts" that haunt us from long ago. Slightly surreal, yet deep and thoughtful, Spanish Sahara is worth mulling over.

The song starts off soft, gets slightly heavier as it goes on, before ending on yet another peaceful (yet melancholy) note, in a manner reminiscent of Coldplay's The Scientist.

While it may be too soft for entertainment seekers, for those in need of deeper listening material, Spanish Sahara is worth at least one listen.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned before, Spanish Sahara is not a depressing song, but it could be for some people. Music is the most subjective art form in the world, after all, so what one finds uplifting might be another person's emotional undoing.

However, I will say that it's a thoughtful piece and it might not be too melancholy to listen to. The burning of the pigs could upset animal lovers, but that's limited to the video and not the audio.

Age Restriction: 13+
For Thematic Elements


There you go! I know this is a bit short, and I can't work based on a schedule, unfortunately, but I do hope to post reviews quite often, adding some TV Show episodes into the mix as well.

Until next time! Au revoir! :)

February 16, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 75: Time

Hello everyone. Due to some events outside of the blog, I've made the decision to delay all Content Rundowns and Reviews until next month. This might be a bit abrupt, but there is a good reason for the delay.

I hope to have several Reviews/Content Rundowns ready for you guys once we get back to posting in March. I'm currently edging towards a Content Rundown for Duke Nukem Forever, but I'm also working on a review for Anachronox and Mass Effect 2. (Along with some other people.)

We'll keep up the investigative game reviews, aiming to review even more controversial/important games in the future. Feel free to suggest some for me in the comments below. You'll have plenty of time, after all. :P

Apologies for the delays, once again, but I hope you guys have a good month, and we'll see you again in March. Cheers. :)

February 09, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 74: Guest Review!

EDIT: My reach extended my grasp for this week, unfortunately. Tune in next week for the Guest Review. (Sorry folks.)

Hello everyone! Forgive the brevity of this post, but I just wanted to let y'all know that there will be a Guest Review this week! Tune in this Wednesday for the review. It still has a bit of editing to be done but it will posted very soon.

In other news, I've decided to do a Content Rundown of yet another controversial game. It may not be posted next week, but I'll try my best to get it out there.

Have a great week further, and happy gaming. :)

February 02, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 73: Facts & Fiction

Hello again! Hope you've all had a good weekend?

Just want to let you know that my Content Rundown of "2" is almost done and will be posted on Wednesday. Tune in for look at the rather controversial game and what the facts are about it.

In other news, I've finally settled on my vision for the blog, and it will go back to it's roots: Investigative Game Reviews. Since the blog is all about providing you with facts about video games, I'll be reviewing several games with all kinds of controversy behind them, and find out what's fact and what's fiction about said games.

Basically: Expect more Reviews/Content Rundowns of Grand Theft Auto games in the near future.