January 26, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 72: The Hunt

Hello everyone! Apologies for the slight lateness of this post. Just busy with some work and doing things at home, getting water and so on.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've officially gotten rid of the The Preacher and Trent at the end of my Conclusions in reviews, simply because they don't fit. Instead, I've decided to simply write KVR Notes in their place, which are just random thoughts and opinions about the game in question.

Sorry for the weirdness and roughness of the blog, things are finally shaping up to become how they should be. Speaking of which, going with the "importance" of games, I've selected one game for review (or a Content Rundown, rather)which some of you may know. It's a pretty controversial game, which has a "2" at the end of its title. See if you can figure it out.

I hope to get the Content Rundown done by next week, seeing as how the game isn't too long, even though it may have quite a bit of content to cover.

I'll see you guys next week, with some more "stuff" here at KVR Gaming! :)

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