January 12, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 70: We're Not in China Anymore...

Hello, my good people! How are you today? (Feel free to answer. Seriously. I wanna know.) I'm okay, thanks. Just dealing with some issues and stuff like that.

First thing's first: Review is a no-go for this week. I've finally started playing a game which not only do I really love, but I sank several hours into and just can't stop playing. It's also got so much content, that a couple more hours are required before I can put up the review...

Sleeping Dogs: Yes, as you may recall, I have done a Content Rundown before, back in the old days when my site still had an awful logo and I had a tendency to include every. Single. Piece. Of. Content!

While I desperately want to avoid a repeat of that, Sleeping Dogs is a very content heavy game, featuring stark violence and many sexual references, so this is a review which will require a lot of edits before it can be posted.

Stay tuned!

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