January 26, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 72: The Hunt

Hello everyone! Apologies for the slight lateness of this post. Just busy with some work and doing things at home, getting water and so on.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've officially gotten rid of the The Preacher and Trent at the end of my Conclusions in reviews, simply because they don't fit. Instead, I've decided to simply write KVR Notes in their place, which are just random thoughts and opinions about the game in question.

Sorry for the weirdness and roughness of the blog, things are finally shaping up to become how they should be. Speaking of which, going with the "importance" of games, I've selected one game for review (or a Content Rundown, rather)which some of you may know. It's a pretty controversial game, which has a "2" at the end of its title. See if you can figure it out.

I hope to get the Content Rundown done by next week, seeing as how the game isn't too long, even though it may have quite a bit of content to cover.

I'll see you guys next week, with some more "stuff" here at KVR Gaming! :)

January 21, 2015

Sleeping Dogs ReMix Review

We're not in China anymore...

NOTE: This is a review of the Definitive Edition of the game, excluding the two story based DLCs, Year of the Snake and Nightmare at North Point, due to time constraints.

Reviewed By: KVR

Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (For Incredibly Strong Bloody Violence and Crude Sexual References.)

Release Date: August 2012

Developer: United Front Games

Publisher: Square Enix

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Genre: Open-World Action

January 19, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 71: The Week of the Weak

So yeah, I've had a rough weekend. But anyway, on to the important news: I'm going to try and finish the Sleeping Dogs ReMix Review for this week. After that, I'm considering taking a break and working on a few things in my life.

I have come down with depression really hard this month, due to reasons I'm not comfortable with sharing. So please guys, pray for me if you can. It's really needed. I appreciate every single prayer you send my way. :)

Go well, and have a nice week!

January 12, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 70: We're Not in China Anymore...

Hello, my good people! How are you today? (Feel free to answer. Seriously. I wanna know.) I'm okay, thanks. Just dealing with some issues and stuff like that.

First thing's first: Review is a no-go for this week. I've finally started playing a game which not only do I really love, but I sank several hours into and just can't stop playing. It's also got so much content, that a couple more hours are required before I can put up the review...

Sleeping Dogs: Yes, as you may recall, I have done a Content Rundown before, back in the old days when my site still had an awful logo and I had a tendency to include every. Single. Piece. Of. Content!

While I desperately want to avoid a repeat of that, Sleeping Dogs is a very content heavy game, featuring stark violence and many sexual references, so this is a review which will require a lot of edits before it can be posted.

Stay tuned!

January 05, 2015

Blog Journal Volume 69: Exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams

That may just be the longest title ever posted on this blog. But in any case...there might not be a review this week because I'm busy with, ahem, exams.

I seriously need to study and get everything together before I go write later this month. If I may request something from you guys, please pray for me so that I can pass safely, and so that I can safely register at film school before time's up.

The blog will go back to normal posting once this is all done. Thanks for your patience, me amigos and amigoninas!

PS: My sincere apologies to Spaniards reading this for any grievances and losses caused by my horrible butchering of your wonderful language.