December 29, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 68: End of the Year

Hola amigos! I'm typing this post from a monitor which is bizarrely flashing stark red colours at me right now. It's weird, unsettling, and downright nightmarish, but I'll make do, even if it is with a suddenly villainous monitor.

This post is going to short and simple: I won't post a review this week, because I wanted to give myself more time to get my mind recharged for the coming year. Instead, I'll be posting a retrospective on the entire year, the developments the blog through, what happened in my life at that stage, and so on.

Once again, I apologise for not posting often. I've just recently come to terms with the fact that I struggle with depression and have been taking steps to deal with it. The blog definitely helps, and as such, I'm turning it around to make things easier for me to review games more often, as I mentioned in the previous blog journal.

Thanks for your support, my people! I will see you Wednesday with a quick retrospective and then bid you a great new year! Tune in then...

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