November 05, 2014

The Evil Within Content Rundown

What is this? I don't even...

Intro: Look, I don't like reviewing Japanese-made games. No, that's not because I'm racist in any, way, shape or form. It's nothing personal in the slightest. The reason why I don't like reviewing games by them is because of how HARD it is to describe content accurately.

I have no idea how they scripted or wrote these things, but I seriously take my hat off to them. Because one thing's for sure; it's not easy trying to create a mental picture of the content. Not following? Look at my Resident Evil 6 Reviews. You'll see what I mean.

But with that out of the way, I'll try my best, and I hope that the end result will be informative. God bless. :)

Reviewed By: KVR (Head Writer)

Verdict: Mature Gamers Only (For Strong Surreal Bloody Violence)

Release Date: October 2014

Developer: Tango Gameworks

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows

Genre: Survival Horror

Areas of Concern:


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

NOTE: Due to the sheer amount of gore, and the difficulty in describing the acts of violence, the reviewer has chosen to list the most prominent moments and exclude the lesser graphic or repeated moments.

--In a boss fight, you fight against a huge monster with several limbs and a huge hump for an abdomen. When he's killed, the man inside's face splatters with blood and the monster's abdomen bursts open with a HUGE amount of blood, gore and flesh everywhere. It then inflates, roars and explodes, with blood splattering all over the camera. (The last part is very brief.)

--In one scene, big saws cut apart a few corpses with blood spurting out. A man falls down into a pit with several heaps of organs and flesh lying around. He slips through them, squishing being heard, and blood sprays as he slides through the gore.

Finally, he falls into a large dam of blood, with several corpses floating around in them. He emerges from it, stained with dark flesh and blood all over.

--Players can use guns to shoot enemies; blood bursts out, staining the environment and splattering over the camera, and chunks of skulls fly off, exposing brain and bone underneath, heads are blown in two, brains leaking out, and heads explode, lots of blood spraying everywhere. 

Players can also stab the enemies in the head from behind, blood spurting out and a crunch being heard. Players can also stomp on them, blood spurting out and crunching being heard. Players can hit them with their guns, a fleshy thud being heard and blood bursting out. Players can chop them an ax, with their heads exploding with massive amounts of blood and gore splattering.

--We see several environments stained with large amounts of blood, corpses lying around with gore staining them, and see severed limbs and heads lying around in environments. (The entirety of floors in some environments are covered in blood.) Some corpses have intestines and organs hanging out of them, holes in their bodies and heads exposing bone and flesh, all of which is shown in graphic detail. 

--Enemies can be set on fire; they convulse, scream and became black as they burn. They can also be blown apart into bloody chunks and stray limbs from explosions, blood splattering everywhere.

--A spider-like human monster, made up of displaced arms and legs, bursts out of corpses with lots of blood spraying and blood-curdling screams being heard. When she is injured or set on fire, blood bursts out and she screams horribly.

--A monster cuts the throats of three police men with a knife; we see a single squirt of blood spraying from their necks and they fall over, blood spewing out from their neck wounds as they struggle and die.

--In one scene, we see an upside down hanging corpse with a knife embedded in its ribs. A man stabs another corpse with a machete off-screen; we hear squishy sound effects and hear a huge amount of pieces falling, implying he chopped the corpse down to lots of chunks. He is then shown taking the upper body of the corpse away, blood oozing from it's severed torso.

--A boy and a woman are set on fire; we briefly see the boy falling out of a building, his charred and bloody skin briefly visible, and the woman sets on fire, screaming horribly.

--A cannibal is shown eating a man; his back obscures it, but we see his shadow biting and tearing. We then briefly see half of a severed head hit the ground, flesh exposed and lying in a puddle of blood. Later on, we see two people eating a person, but we only hear crunching and see them putting their hands to their mouths.

-A man removes a kidney and a liver from a corpse and throws them on the ground, blood squirting and squishing being heard.

--A monster grabs the neck of a man through the bars of an elevator; the man activates the elevator, which cuts off the monster's arms, with lots of blood splattering and a crunch being heard as we see the monster's arms falling to the ground.

--A monster grabs a vault attached to its head; it pulls the box up, we hear a crack, see lots of blood leaking out, and it pulls the box sideways, snapping its head in two, sinew and flesh shown.

Later on, a man pushes a lever and a platform with spikes underneath falls on the vault-headed monster. The vault is half-way crushed, and then fully crushed, with lots of blood splattering over the camera.

--A man is decapitated with a guillotine; we see the blade slice through his neck and lots of blood spray out as he screams. This happens very quickly and the scene cuts away before his head falls off.

Context of Violence: Shock Value


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--A few monsters are shown naked; however, no genital details are visible.

Context of Sex/Nudity: Undefined


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

Uses of F**k, S**t, B**ch, B**t**d, P**s, C**p, H**l, and D**n.

--God and Jesus' names are used in vain.

Context of Language: Grittiness

Spiritual Content: 

Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive

--In the title sequence of the game, we see two goat heads burning and a larger animal's head also sets on fire; it's framed in such a way that it looks like a flaming version of the goat seen in Satanic pentagrams.

-In some environments, corpses are shown, surrounded by candles.

--A reference to a pious man taking people into his church, and a man stating that he could take them away just as easily.

Context of Spiritual Content: Symbolism Only


Mild Moderate Heavy Very Heavy Extreme Offensive


Context of Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Usage: Undefined

Gross Stuff/Gore:

--One of the monsters in the game is a man with a burnt, bloody and scab-filled skin, which is shown graphically at several points.

-Several monsters are shown with burnt, torn and cut flesh, which expose muscles and flesh underneath in a graphic fashion. 

-A few people are shown with a virus growing inside them, causing fleshy red tumours to appear on the outside of his skin, which throb and convulse, causing their noses to bleed.

-In a nightmare, we see a man, with a second fleshy tumour for a head, crawling towards us. The whole scene is hazy, but we see clearly that he has a deformed second head.

-We see several people with barbed wire running through their bodies, and their faces are peeled or torn off, exposing muscle. A few of the people have nails embedded in their heads.
--Late in the game, we enter an area covered with flesh and huge eyeballs, which blink and peer at you creepily. The floors are filled with a large pool of blood. We then see a huge environment entirely made up of bloody intestines.

-A man travels through an environment with huge brains. He rolls on the one brain, getting covered in goo with splat sound effects. The brain then starts spewing a huge amount of blood out, which splatters all over the camera.

--We see the open-skull of a severed head, brain exposed; players can insert probes into the brain, a small splat of blood and a squish being shown as the needle is inserted. Another scene shows a head cut in half from the top; the eyes and mouth twitch as you insert probes.

--We see a huge, deformed monster made of raw human flesh, human torsos with terrified facial expressions and animal-like heads with large jaws with sharp teeth. 

-Later on, we see a huge spider monster made up of a fat human torso and plenty of boils on the abdomen, which spray puss and goo out.

-We see several environments covered with huge amounts of fleshy growths which throb, pulse and spew goo out. We also see monsters made up of fleshy tumour-like growths.

--A man cuts open the torso of a corpse, squishing being heard and gropes around inside for an item, splats heard.

--We see huge a mutated dog, with a big fleshy head with a disgusting mouth and an exposed eyeball.
Scary Stuff:

--The Evil Within is a tense game, featuring many sequences where monsters chase your character and look for him as he's trying to hide.

--One jump scare features a man's face suddenly appearing in a hole in a painting, accompanied by an extremely loud scream.

--At one point, your character gropes around in a corpse for an item. The corpse comes back to life VERY suddenly.

--A couple of bloody hand-prints form on a wall, resulting in pitch black blood splattering over it, screams being heard, and then a door appears on said wall.


Abysmal Bad So-so Okay Good Very Good

Pretty much your standard action fare: Good guy shoots the baddies, saves the innocent, etc, etc.

Morality Type: Black and White

Thoughts & Impressions:

The thing with Japanese games is that they try so hard to be like American games that they end up falling short of being both an American game and a Japanese, caught in an infinite, surreal void which makes describing them the hardest thing behind typing a Captcha.
The Evil Within exists within that surreal void, but it does a much better job of floating through the darkness than Resident Evil 6, also known as The Game That Made Reviewing A Bigger Chore Than Wishing The Dishes.
Evil Within is not a chore to watch, but it does manage to go to some eye-browing raising places with it's story, which zigs and zags like a bee with ADD. All in all, a typically crazy story which is not particularly memorable, but hey, if you want your dose of crazy, you have it here.


If my Content Rundown doesn't do a good enough job of explaining the content, lemme put it this way: The violence is graphic, yet not extended for long periods of time. There are several scenes of grotesque gore, intestines, decapitations, gore-stained environments and so on, but they are all showed with "some" restraint, actually. 

That doesn't stop them from being disgusting, however, and the violence is pretty surreal, gross and shocking, all at the same time.

Otherwise, the game has some language, but not really a whole lot. Spiritual Content is actually VERY light when compared to other games. And the morality is okay. So this game all hinges on what you think of the violence.

Personally, this is a Mature Gamers Only, but a pretty light one by KVR Gaming's standards.
Verdict: 18+
For Strong Surreal Gory Violence

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