November 17, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 62: Operation: Get Back into Gaming (Part 1)

In this weekly instalment of the Blog Journal, Kyle van Rensburg makes amends with his first ever love in this life, Gaming, and discovers what it truly means to be a gamer.

Hey kids! Guess what? These posts were originally called "Blog Journals" because...they were supposed to be like journals for me! Wow!

Jokes aside, I want to give you guys more insight into my daily life at this stage, especially in regards to gaming. First off, I'm going to do a series on getting back into gaming, something I'm trying to do with a whole lot of commitment and effort.

Without further adieu, let's get started? Cool. So as some of you may be aware, I've been posting significantly less often as the year's gone on. This happened as a result of issues in my personal life, and it's been causing me to burnout.

After we moved in September, things have been slowly improving. However, I found that I still could not get myself back into gaming.

I had a huge pile of games in my Steam library which I'd yet to finish, and I was rather indecisive about which game to start. I would start up a game, play for a few minutes, only to switch it off in disgusted boredom.

After a friend of mine suggested that a certain game would be the catalyst for me to get back into gaming, I decided to give it a chance. I'd been struggling for months to get the game in question downloaded, but after some commitment and effort, I solved the problem and managed to install the game.

Let's just say that Far Cry 3 is a modern masterpiece.

I would start up it every single day and just play the game in peace. It's actually so much fun to just do what you want and not have to do any side-quests or anything. The fantasy of being in a video game returned in full, and it was fun from back to front.

At the end of the day, gaming is not about winning; it's about exploring different worlds, being the hero of several epic stories and, most of all, pushing through the steepest challenges.

However, using this strategy as a means to get back into gaming came with one small caveat : I was playing a high quality blockbuster, designed for easy access and play, not a game designed for the committed or incredibly skilled.

Far Cry 3 is a brilliant game and poses a great challenge, get me right, but it wouldn't help me get back into all genres of gaming, especially not obscure Indie games or JRPGs for that matter.

So, while I made some progress in my quest to re-gamer myself, there was still a lot of progress to be made. How did I solve this? 

Enter Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

In the next instalment of Operation: Get Back into Gaming, Kyle describes the game of his childhood, the appeal of cult classics, and going back to basics.


Assassin's Creed Unity: Just started with the Content Rundown for this guy. It won't be done by this week, but that should give me enough time to polish the Content Rundown more.

Far Cry 4: Going to start soon. Will let you guys know closer to posting time.

Both of these games are interchangeable. One could easily be posted before the other. Stay tuned!

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