November 10, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 61: Where The Road Never Ends

...And there you have your pointlessly poetic phrase of the day. Welcome back everyone!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Yes, yes, there is a Content Rundown of this game, and it's going to be posted this week. Stay tuned.

Borderlands 2: First off, a ReMix Review is not guaranteed. I'm more playing this game for fun and to help me get back into gaming. But hey, don't dismiss the possibility just yet!

Giants Citizen Kabuto: Having finished the game for the second time in my life, spanning a decade, I'll have this review up sometime in the near future.

Fallout 3: After I'm done with the rest of the reviews, I think it's about time to finish this one up. About time!

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty: ABOUT TIME I FINISH THIS REVIEW UP TOO!!!

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