October 20, 2014

Blog Journal Volume 58: 3 Years!?

Blog: Before I get to anything else...let's just say that I entirely forgot that my blog, as of October 4th, has been active now for 3 years! Thanks to every single one of my fans for making this possible. I know things have been very rough as of recent, but I just want you to know that I appreciate all of you. :)

Shadow of Mordor: It's not the most intricate of games, so my Content Rundown was finished pretty quickly. Tune in Wednesday for the Rundown.

Weekly Reviews: It seems like this might be possible again. Don't get your hopes up; Bi-Weekly reviews are still going to be the default schedule, but I want to put up a review every week again if possible. 

Kyle: So, my family has been going through rough patch as of recent, and of all the things that could possibly happen, we're dealing with a potential stalker. Ugh. But, we're hoping to get things sorted out soon enough.

Otherwise, I've been learning German (Ich leren Deutsch), got back into gaming through Civilization V, and replayed Hotline Miami. Still just as epic, but also still just as cringe-inducingly gory.

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